Thursday, May 28, 2020

How to easily change your style and paint on unusual surfaces

So, with the coronavirus keeping many of us indoors what have you all been doing to keep creative and busy?  If you have some paint stashed away it might the right time to think about painting on unusual surfaces.

Unusual surfaces to paint

Rocks are a great surface to paint on.  You might have some rocks right outside your door that would work perfectly. You can also buy a bag of smooth landscape rocks for a very reasonable price at a home improvement store.  Kids can get in on the action as well.  You can be as simple or as intricate as you see fit.  And the fun part is putting rocks in public places with positive messages for people to find.

painting on unusual surfaces

Corks are another surface that you may have laying around.  You can recycle them into another great unusual surface to paint.  Again you can get detailed or simply decorative. Painted corks make great keyrings and ornaments.  It's never too early to think about Christmas!

When you think of unusual surfaces to paint on do you ever think why not a brick?  Bricks, when they painted, may great door stops and bookends.  Especially if you paint them to resemble a book!

Fabric is readily available.  Simply look in your closets and you will find unusual surfaces galore!  personalize them with some acrylic paints with fabric medium added.  Don't forget to heat set.

painting on unusual surfaces

While there are many choices of painting surfaces none are more striking than painting on glass.  You can paint on wine glasses, plates, vases and more.  You will need to use paint that is specified for glass and heat set in an oven.  

painting on unusual surfaces

This was sure fun, finding unusual surfaces to paint on.  Once you start looking though, you tend to find more.  So, this will be a recurring post for another day with more unusual surfaces to paint!  

Be sure and click on some of the images for full tutorials of a similar project!

See you soon!

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