Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easy closet air freshener tutorial

Freshen up your stuffy winter closet.  You can make a cute air freshener that you can hang right in your closet. Better yet, you can have one of these for every closet in the house in no time flat. These fresheners are similar to old time sachets, with the modern addition of fabric softener sheets instead of herbs. This time you hang it from a hanger in your closet instead of sticking it in your drawers, although you can stick it in your drawers if you so desire!  So gather your supplies (there aren’t too many) and make it quick and easy!

You will need:

Scrapbook paper in desired print

Cardstock paper, print or solid as preferred

Scissors, pencil, tracing paper, pattern

Small or cuticle scissors

Paper punch (regular or any pattern will do)

Tacky craft glue

Scrap of 1/8” corresponding color ribbon

Fabric softener sheets

1.     Trace the front of the shirt pattern onto the scrapbook paper.  Cut out.  Trace the back of the shirt pattern onto the cardstock paper and cut out.  Use a small cuticle scissor to cut out the hole for the hanger on the back piece.

Print pattern full size on 8 1/2" x 11" paper

2.     Use the paper punch to add holes in the front and the back of the shirt cutouts.  Add as many holes as you can. Do not punch holes too close to the edges where you will be gluing the pieces together.

3.     Run a bead of Tacky glue all around from shoulder to shoulder.  Leave the top neckline open.  (This is where you will place your fabric softener sheet) Let dry completely.

4.     Tie the ribbon into a bow and attach on the front with a dab of tacky glue and let dry.

5.     Add a fabric softener sheet to the pocket.  Use the hole in the top to add to a hanger.


  1. Great idea!!!! I really love this! Thanks Crystal ;o) Happy Spring ;o)

  2. Wao, This is a smart tutorial,Thanks for sharing dear!

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm here from PPF!

  4. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!


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