Friday, January 31, 2014

Kid’s Valentine card free printable with envelopes

The kids are bored.  It's cold outside and they want something to do.  Why not craft with them?  Download this free printable, print out on some card stock and then let them make easy envelopes for presenting them. The printable features four cards per sheet.  Simply cut out and add a greeting on the back. Use some all purpose paper to whip out easy envelopes with the tutorial that follows.  The kid's are busy measuring, cutting and gluing and they won't be bored anymore!

You will need:

Computer and printer

White cardstock paper

Downloaded free printable

All purpose computer paper (white or any color you choose)

Glue stick




1.     Click on the link to download the free printable.  Print on cardstock paper with your home printer.  Cut apart each Valentine.  There are four to a sheet.

2.     To make a presentation envelope for each card, measure a piece of paper (You can use any color you like) to a 9” x 5” rectangle.  Cut out.

3.     Fold up the paper to a ½” from the top.  Fold down the top ½” which is the closure flap.

4.     Open the paper and use a glue stick to apply glue to each side just up to the line where you folded the flap.  Press to close and insert your Valentine card. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Personalized candy box Valentine cardholder

When is a card a personalized Valentine’s Day gift?  When it is on top of a heart shaped candy box with a miniature representation of the recipient.  The little clothespin doll on the top of the box is dressed up for Valentine’s Day in his tuxedo! Make one for your Valentine this year! 

You will need:

Wooden doll pin

Wooden doll pin stand

Dowel cap with 5/8” hole

Drill with small bit

Round paper clip

Heart box (you can buy it already decorated like I did for less than a dollar, or just paint your own)

Acrylic paint, flesh, black, white, gray, and hair color of recipient (I used yellow ochre)

Fine line sharpie markers, Black, brown, color to match eye color in blue/brown, or green, pink


Small paintbrush and liner brush

Glue gun and glue sticks

1.     Gather your supplies.  Use a drill and a small drill bit to drill a hole in the top center of the dowel cap about ½” down. (Head)

2.     Working with the dowel cap, (head) use the pencil to mark the hairline and ears.  With the small paintbrush apply hair color using the pencil lines as a guide.  Let dry and then apply flesh to the face area.  Set aside and let dry.  Pull open the round paper clip slightly and stick in the top of the dowel cap in the hole you previously drilled. 

3.     When the dowel cap head is dry, use the black sharpie marker to make two small circles for eyes.  Fill in with the proper eye color. (I used blue)  Make a mouth with the pink sharpie marker and then outline the hairline and ears with a brown sharpie marker.  This is where you can really personalize your doll, by making glasses, freckles, etc.

4.     Working on the clothespin, use the pencil to draw a line down the center, lapel lines, and a bow tie shape on the center front.  (See photo) Put the head on the top of the pin to make sure that all your pencil lines will show when the head is attached.

5.     Use the pencil lines you made as a guide to paint the body of the tuxedo black.  When the paint is dry paint the lapels a dark grey.  Let dry.  Use the gray paint and the liner brush to make a separation line down the center and all around the bottom area of the tuxedo jacket. Paint the shirt area white and the bow tie black. Continue painting the pants and inside the clothespin with black paint.  Let dry.

6.     Use the liner brush with gray paint to make arms and some flesh to make hands at the cuffs.  Let dry. Paint the doll pin stand black, let dry and adding a bit of hot glue, place the painted clothespin in the stand. 

7.     Assemble your candy box.  

8.     Add some hot glue in the dowel cap and attach to the top of the clothespin. Attach the clothespin and doll pin stand  to the top center of your heart box with more hot glue.

9.     Fill your box with candy or even small gifts and use the paper clip on top to clip on your greeting card.

Did you say that you want a companion box for the girls?  Well stay tuned for upcoming tutorial.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Burlap Rosebud Valentine Wreath Tutorial

Roses are red and red roses symbolize love and passion.  Burlap ribbon is all the rage and you can pick it up almost everywhere these days.  It comes in all sorts of colors and I found some at my local crafts store in bright red. In about an hour I had a new Valentine’s Day wreath with burlap rosebuds!  You can make one too with the following tutorial.

You will need:

Red burlap ribbon  (Mine was 5 inches wide)

12 Inch particleboard floral ring

6 ft. package of moss vine

Wire (Any gauge you have for the hanger)

Wire cutters

Glue gun and glue sticks



Note:  Protect your work surface and work in an area that you can vacuum or sweep.  The moss sometimes gets messy.  For a fluffier wreath you may substitute Spanish moss.

1.     Cut a piece of wire with wire cutters and wrap around the floral ring, twisting into a loop on the back for hanging your wreath.

2.     Cut a piece of red burlap 8 inches in length.  Fold in half lengthwise and then fold again. 

3.     Fold one corner up at an angle and fold again.  Begin rolling and twisting, adding a bit of hot glue as you roll to hold the rose bud tight.  Continue rolling until you reach the opposite end.  Add a bit more hot glue and trim any excess burlap pieces.

4.     Apply some hot glue onto the bottom of the rose bud and attach to the floral ring.  Continue in this manner making rose buds and attaching to the ring leaving about an inch in between rosebuds until you have filled the entire ring.

5.     Using the wire cutters cut a small piece of moss vine about 2 ½” bend into an inverted U shape and attach with some hot glue in between rose buds.  Continue adding moss vine until you have filled the entire ring with moss.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Make it easy Valentine crafts

Sitting and watching the snow and thinking about Valentines Day crafts I thought that it might be nice to revisit some previous Make it easy Valentine craft tutorials...enjoy your day while I play in the snow!  :-)

Decorate with Love and this easy to make plaque!

Don't toss those paper bags, make some heart pins for gift-giving or just for yourself!

And for those reader Valentines, make them an easy magnetic bookmark!  

Till next time...