Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recycled CD landscape brooch

Yes, you can wear a little landscape right on your lapel in the form of a brooch.  The base is a tiny landscape painted onto a wooden rectangle. To finish, all you do is use a wood-burning tool to cut out a shape from a discarded CD. This time, though, you are using a stamp pad design.  Think horses, butterflies, birds or any small design would work well.
See:  http://makeiteasycrafts.blogspot.com/2012/05/recycled-cd-earrings.html  Don't stop with just a brooch though, you can use these little motifs in oodles of crafty ways!

You will need:

2 ½’ x 1 ½” wooden rectangle

Discarded CD

Wood-burning tool

Acrylic paint, blue, white green

Small paintbrush

Paper plate

Acrylic gloss finish

Tacky Craft glue (or glue gun and glue sticks)

1 ½” pin back

Stamp in desired small shape (horse, butterfly, dog, etc.)

Black inkpad

Glass from and old frame

1.     Plug in the wood-burning tool and allow to heat up.  Ink up your stamp with black ink.  Press the stamp onto the non-shiny side of the CD.  This is your pattern.  Put the piece of glass on your work surface to protect it and use the wood-burning tool to slowly trace around your image.  When you have finished the motif should pop out.

2.     Paint the landscape.  Add some white, blue and green acrylic paint on a paper plate.  Brush some blue paint across the top half of the wooden rectangle.  Let dry. Continue by brushing some green paint across the bottom half, meeting the top blue paint. Dab some white on the blue painted area to form clouds.  (See photo) Let dry.

3.     Add some glue on the back of the motif you cut from the CD and attach to the front center of the painted rectangle. 

4.     Glue on a 1 ½” pin back to the back.

Have you made it easy?  If you would like your original craft featured  on Make it Easy Crafts, send an email and I will post a link.  
Nsi Woodburning KitNsi Woodburning Kit


  1. Another piece of jewelry made from a CD. This idea can easily be used as a decoration for anywhere you want to add a little something like on a jean jacket or back pack. You have the best ideas.

  2. Excellent Crystal! I really like all the crafts you are doing for recycling CD's!!! A+++

  3. Came from Thee Networking Blog Hop, I'm now a follower. I just ended a week-long recycling, carbon footprint, etc. challenge on my blog and I love crafts, so......

  4. hey,

    this is such cool piece of art...loved the idea...

  5. My Son asked me today what I would like for my Birthday. Maybe a Woodburning Tool would be a good idea as I really want to try this Chrystal.

  6. I love this! I would have never known the horse was from a CD. Of course, this means I need a wood burning tool ASAP! (darn another craft tool, however will I survive :D ) Thanks so much for sharing at Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you next week.

  7. Lovely creations! Great ideas! Hugs from Greece!

  8. The pin looks very cute. I'm amazed by how many things you are finding to do with old CDs. I'm so glad you linked up with Romance on a dime!!

  9. I am a do it yourself expert. However, most of the times I fall short of ideas. I look for more ideas on the internet and also in the magazines. I am really fortunate to come over this blog. Such a great idea to make brooches, and so nicely the blogger has written.


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