Monday, December 31, 2012

Portable Duct Tape Crochet Hook Case

Most of the time whenever I travel I crochet in the car. (If I’m not driving of course!)  Sometimes I like to bring a few extra hooks but unfortunately the car always seems to eat my hooks.  So to keep from losing them to the hungry car, I made this simple crochet hook case where I can stow my stuff!

You will need: 

Sheet of all purpose computer paper cut to 7” x 8”

Duct tape in desired color

20 inches of ¼” wide ribbon

3” x 6” piece of felt in color to match duct tape


Tacky glue

Plastic cutting board with measurements

Scissors, regular and sharp pointed ones

Disappearing marker

1.     Cut 8 pieces of duct tape 8 ¼” each.  It is easy to apply them to the cutting board and use the measurements marked on it.

2.     Starting at the top edge apply a piece of duct tape onto and across the 7” x 8” piece of computer paper.  Continue applying duct tape overlapping slightly until you have covered the entire piece of paper.  (4 pieces of duct tape)  Turn over and repeat on the opposite side with the other 4 pieces of duct tape.

3.     You will have duct tape on both sides.  Trim any overlapping duct tape with scissors.  Fold in half, creasing with your finger.

4.     Measure halfway down the folded outside edge (3 ½”) and make a mark.  Cut a 10-inch piece of ribbon and tack with a dab of glue.  Cut a piece of duct tape approximately 1’ x 2” and center over the ribbon and adhere to cover.  Repeat on the back side.  (Ribbon tie closures)  At this point you have a folder with ribbon ties attached.  

5.     To add the felt hook holder cut  a piece of matching felt 3” x 6”. Working horizontally and using the disappearing marker mark two parallel lines 1” from the end.  Measure 5 inches down from these lines and mark two more parallel lines.  Use the sharp pointed scissors and your lines as a guide to cut slits in the felt.  Make sure the slits are parallel.  This will be where you slip in your hooks. 

6.     Open the pocket and place the prepared felt piece in the center. Cut two side pieces of duct tape 6 ½” x 1” and two bottom pieces 3” x 1.”  Attach side pieces over the felt and on the sides of the folder.  Repeat with the top pieces to fasten the felt to the folder.

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