Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas snowman painted martini glass tutorial

Since a martini glass is sort of concave you can easily see inside the glass even easier than the outside.  So when I paint my Christmas snowman glass I paint him using a reverse technique so that you can see the front of him on the inside of the glass and on the outside you see him from the back. It's all painted on the outside of the glass and there is no paint on the interior! It’s easier than you may think if you follow the easy step-by-step instructions. Bake it in your home oven (No, it won’t melt) and it will be top rack dishwasher safe, but I always recommend hand washing. Even though there appears to be quite a few steps the paint dries quickly and the results are beautiful.  Wouldn't these be a super Christmas gift?

You will need:

Acrylic gloss paint for glass (It will say so on the label) Black, white, red, orange, light blue, and brown

Liner paintbrush

Flat paintbrush

Martini glass


Paper towels

Wooden pick or top of a paintbrush

Cookie sheet and home oven

Note:  You can look inside the glass to gauge how you snowman is looking and if you make a mistake and don't like something Just wash it off before baking it and start over.

1.     Wash and dry your martini glass and then wipe it down with some alcohol to remove any oils.

2.     Using the flat brush and white paint create the ground by painting up the stem about two inches to represent the snow. (See photo)

3.     Decide where you want your snowman to be and block in his top hat.  Using black paint create the outline of a hat shape for the top of your snowman’s head. Dab a bit of gray paint in the center, and then fill it in with the black leaving some of the white showing.  (Its just a small rectangle shape with a line underneath)

4.     In order to make it in the reverse technique, you are basically outlining the snowman shape first. Make the snowman’s head. Directly under the  hat use the liner brush and some lt. blue paint to make a half circle for the head, continue making the circle around with the white paint. To finish the snowman, continue in the same way using the blue and white paint for the the other two parts of the snowman.  Let dry.   

5.     Dip your liner brush in some black paint and make the dots for eyes
     and mouth and buttons down the front. Use some brown paint to make two branches on each side for arms, and underline with black for a shadow. Add some white paint on top of the arms to represent snow and you can even put some white on top of the hat. Rinse brush and use some orange paint to dot the nose area.  Let dry. If you choose to put two snowmen on your glass make the second one directly across from the first one.

6.     Paint a red scarf on the snowman and extend it outside the outline.  Let dry. (optional)

7.     Fill in the snowman with blue on the edges and white throughout.  (The blue paint is the shadow of the snow)  You can look on the inside of the glass to see how the snowman is coming out.  Let dry and apply another coat.  Depending upon the brand of paint you are using you may have to apply a third coat.  Brush a bit of blue paint on the ground snow for the snowman’s shadow.  Let all the paint dry.

8.     Use the tip of a wooden pick or the top of a paintbrush dipped in white paint to make dots all around the snowman, down the stem and the base for snow.  Let all the paint dry.

9.     Put the glass on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350-degree oven for thirty minutes.  Let cool in the oven.

Front of snowman (Inside glass)

Back of snowman (Outside of glass)


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