Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easy Clay Flip-Flop Earrings Tutorial

Did you know that Sculpey makes a super flex oven bake clay?  After you bake it, it stays flexible and pliable.  These little flip flop earrings look and feel just like the real thing and are so cute in any color you desire!  They are quick to make and so very easy that you can even make these with a Girl Scout troop or group camp craft.  I’ve made them into earrings but you can easily adapt them for bling on backpacks and zipper pulls! 

You will need:

Sculpey superflex oven bake clay

Sculpey clay modeling tools

X-acto or craft knife

Flip flop pattern (download)



Jewelry findings, jump rings, oval jump ring, fish hook ear wires

Needle nosed pliers

Optional Sculpey texture sheet

1.     Download and print the flip-flop pattern.  Cut out the pattern with scissors.  Roll out a layer of super flex clay to about 1/8” thickness. If you want to add optional texture to the bottom of your flip-flops put the texture sheet over the rolled out clay and run the roller on top.  Place the pattern piece on the non-textured side and using an X-acto or craft knife carefully cut out.  Turn the pattern piece over, trace and cut out another piece.  You will have the soles for two shoes.

Optional texture on the bottom

2.     Mark three dots where the thong will go using the pattern as a guide.  Just lightly mark it and do not go all the way through the shoe.

3.     Roll out a thin snake shape with your hands and using the ruler measure and cut two pieces of the snake ¾” long.   

4.     Use the flat end of a clay tool to pat one piece of snake on the top mark and repeat with the other piece of clay.  (See photo)

5.     Attach each thong end to the side marks and press with the flat edge of the tool.   Repeat steps 3-5 for other shoe.

6.     Use the needle tool to make a hole in the top of each flip-flop.

Bottom of shoe

7.     Preheat your over to 275 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes.  Let cool

8.     Use the needle nosed pliers to open an oval shaped jump ring by twisting rather than pulling apart.  Insert it through the hole you made in the top and twist closed.  Open a small jump ring in the same way, add a fish hook ear wire making sure it is facing in the correct direction and close the second jump ring by twisting to close. 


  1. These are great!! Love how you added the texture to the bottom of the flip flops.
    Thanks for linking up to April's Share the Love blog hop xx

  2. Very cute. I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  3. These are really nice! There is so much detail shown in these.
    I am stopping over from the 'share the love blog hop'. I am happy to meet you and look forward to connecting with you.

  4. These are the cutest ~ love the little details like the bottom of the shoes actually looks like a flip-flop. Very fun to make and wear.

    Thanks for sharing these on your #simplybebetsy gallery!
    Sharon and Denise

  5. These are super cute! Thanks for sharing at My Favorite Things party Theresa @DearCreatives


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