Saturday, June 7, 2014

Patriotic antenna hairband tutorial

Kids’ are out of school, already bored, and looking for something to do. These patriotic antenna hairbands are fun and easy to create and wear at all their Fourth of July celebrations.  Quick and easy!

You will need:

Patriotic tubing (available at craft stores)

Plastic hairband

Red and blue chenille stems

Red duct tape




1.     Thread tubing onto the hairband leaving a few inches at each end without tubing.  Cut a piece of duct tape about 3/4” wide and 1 ½” long.  Attach the duct tape to the end of the tubing and the hairband, wrapping around to secure.  Repeat on the opposite side

2.     Fold a red and blue chenille stem in half.  Twist each stem onto the top of the tubing covered hairband.  Space them evenly across the top.

3.     Cut a 5-inch piece of tubing and thread it onto the two ends of the twisted chenille stem.  Use a ¾” x 1 ½” piece of red duct tape to wrap around the end of the chenille stem and at the base of the hairband.  This will secure the tubing in place. (See photo) Repeat for other side.

4.     Use a pencil to twist the wrapped chenille stems to a spiral.  Adjust if needed. 


  1. Fun Project Crystal! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for sharing over at Merry Mondays link party. These are adorable and I can totally see them popping up at parades. -Treana @

  3. Super cute and super easy! I love the holiday themed headband. Makes me want to dress up my little girls! Thanks for sharing with Creative Style!

  4. This looks simple and easy. I'm pinning it to try later with my kids. thanks!!


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