Saturday, October 24, 2015

Recycled DVD ornament tutorial

Did you know that old DVD’s have two layers?  If you separate the layers, one side will be a shiny disc that you may cut easily with a pair of scissors.  The other disc will have the printing on it.   When you fill a plastic ball ornament with the cut up pieces they will shine and flash with the lights on the tree!  So pretty and so quick and easy!  I used three DVD’s to fill the ornament, two of them I only used the shiny discs.  One was a DVD rewriteable so it was just white on one side of the discs which worked well.   Note:   Only DVD’s are layered and this will not work with CD’s.


  • Plastic Christmas ball with wide opening
  • Several old DVD’s
  • Awl or nail
  • Flat head screwdriver (Optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue for plastic or glass
  • Safety glasses


1.     Cut the DVD to the center.  Carefully stick a nail or awl or flat head screwdriver between the layers and gently pry up.  They will come apart easily once it gets started.

2.     Cut pieces of the DVD with scissors.  It will cut very smoothly and easily.  Cut the shapes any way you like.  If you want to get fancy you can cut little hearts, stars, or just random shapes.  The larger the shapes the less you will need to cut. Take off the top cap of the ornament and add the DVD pieces.

3.     When you have filled the ornament to the amount you desire, add some glue around the rim and attach the top cap.  The pieces of DVD’s will catch the light when you hang it on the tree.

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