Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to make a quick and easy Valentine's Day magnetic bookmark

Valentine's Day magnetic heart bookmark

This quick to make Valentine's Day magnetic bookmark is so easy that you may want to make a bunch and give them out in a Valentine card to your friends and loved ones.  You can easily sign them before you add the contact paper.  You could even give your sweetie a book of love poems and add the Valentine's Day magnetic bookmark with it.  Change the colors and scrapbook paper print to personalize!  


Magnetic sheet, one side adhesive

Scrapbook paper in desired print

Tacky craft glue

Small amount of clear contact paper

Glitter fabric paint, red

Pencil, ruler, scissors

1.     Make a pattern of two small hearts, one a bit larger than the other. (To make a heart pattern fold a piece of paper in half and draw a half heart on the fold. Cut out. Open and you will have a symmetrical heart.)  Play around with different sizes and shapes of hearts.

2.     Using the heart pattern, cut out a large one and a small one from the magnetic sheet.  Cut out a small and large heart from the scrapbook paper as well.

3.     Remove the adhesive backing from the large magnetic sheet heart, line up the corresponding large scrapbook paper heart and attach.  Trim around any overlapping edges. Repeat with the smaller magnetic and scrapbook paper hearts.

4.     Cut a strip of scrapbook paper 6 inches by 2 inches.  Fold 2 inches down from one end. On the unprinted side of the scrapbook paper you can write your Valentine a message if you desire.

5.     Cut two pieces of clear contact paper 6 ½” x 2 ½.” Lay one piece of contact paper adhesive side up and remove the backing.  Place the scrapbook strip print side down on top and adhere.  Remove the backing from the other piece of contact paper and place over the strip already attached to the contact paper.  (Like a contact - paper sandwich)  Trim any edges that do not meet.  Refold where you folded it 2 inches down from the top.

Add your message here

6.     Spread some tacky glue on the larger of the two hearts and adhere to the front of the bookmark (short edge)

7.     Spread some tacky glue on the smaller heart and attach to the area of the back where it meets the front heart, thus magnetizing the two together. (This will keep it on the page)  Let dry completely.  When dry you may decorate the front with small dots of glitter fabric paint if desired.

Enjoy and hope you and yours have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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