Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How to make the best Easter Bunny wreath

Easter Bunny wreath

It’s time to get your Easter on.  And this Easter Bunny wreath is so easy and fun to make in a matter of minutes.  Burlap ribbon roses are so in vogue right now and you can make them with some ribbon, glue or a stitch here and there and they will be ready for your wreath.  I add some glitter ribbon roses for some extra flash and my Easter Bunny wreath is ready to hang.


2 ½” wired natural color burlap ribbon
2 ½” Glitter ribbon in pink
Wire wreath frame
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Medium gauge wire for hanging the wreath
Bunny head on a wooden stick (available in craft stores)


1.    Center the Bunny on the wire wreath frame.  Weave the stick on the Bunny through the bottom wires of the wreath.  Use some hot glue to attach the back of the head to the top of the wreath. 

2.    Next, using the burlap ribbon wrap all around the wreath frame to cover and glue to secure.  Set aside.

3.    Now, make the ribbon roses. Cut a piece of 2 ½” natural colored burlap ribbon 24 inches long.  Begin by burning both ends with a lighter to stop any fraying.  Next, twist the ends around for the center of your rose and put a dab of hot glue to secure. (You may alternatively use a needle and thread to add a stitch instead of glue) Continue twisting and turning, and occasionally adding a dab of glue. Always twist and turn in the same direction. Continue until you reach the end.  Secure with a dab of glue.  Make 5 more so you have six burlap roses. 

4.    Then, repeat step (4) with the 2 ½” pink glitter ribbon for four more roses. 

5.    Attach the roses with some Hot glue to the frame using the photo as a guide. 

6.    Finally, poke a 6-inch piece of medium gauge wire through the top back center and twist to make a hanging loop.

7.    Glue Bunnie’s bow tails to the bottom center to secure. Hang your Bunny Easter wreath on your door or wall.

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  1. So beautiful! So cute! I can't believe Easter is here already! Time is going too fast!


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