Thursday, January 3, 2019

What are the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions?

New Year's resolutions

What are the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions?  Well, that is a question that can have many answers.  Recently, I started asking everyone I met what they think is a good way to start the New Year.  I had many different answers.  Some of them I can’t print here.  I, did, however, discover that many repeated the same ones.  

Whether everyone can keep these resolutions is a question that remains to be seen, but without further adieu, I present the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions in my neck of the woods.

1.    Quit smoking. (Well that one is just a no-brainer)

2.    Get fit and lose weight.  Whether it’s just a spare tire or a little extra in the chassis losing weight and looking one’s best is very, very popular.  

3.    Get out of debt. Dang those credit card bills coming in from Christmas.  

4.    Get organized. First things first, and all ducks in a row if that is possible in this crazy busy world.

5.    Spend more time with family. (Crazy busy world again)  We do, however, all need to stop and smell the roses, fly a kite, or toss a ball.

6.    Get rid of clutter.  It’s either that or star on the TV show about hoarders and no one wants that kind of notoriety!

7.    Break a bad habit.  Well, this can be all over the spectrum.  Whether it’s too many sodas, too much candy, too much TV or video games.  We all need to evaluate whether the things we enjoy, perhaps a bit too much.  As they say anything in moderation.

8.    Recycle. After all, we are all in this world together and doesn’t hurt to be conscious of the consequences of our existence. 

9.    Control stress. Again, here we go with that crazy busy world.  Maybe we should just stop and think if that thing you just had to get done really matters all that much.  And if it didn’t get done would the world stop spinning on its axis?  I. don’t. think. So.

10. And last but certainly not least, especially for an insomniac such as myself, catch up on sleep.  Go to sleep at a decent hour and shut off the party in one’s head. I know, easier said than done, but a resolution is just that a kind of promise to oneself.

A resolution is a solution to what one views as a problem.  It’s just a matter of how much willpower one possesses.  Even though the resolution is a noun it really does take quite a bit of action to get results.

Resolution [rez-uh-loo-shuhn]
A resolve. A decision or determination.