Monday, May 29, 2017

How to make a wiggle sailboat magnet for avid boaters

wiggle sailboat magnet

Use a throwaway soda can to make an adorable wiggle sailboat magnet for the avid boaters in your life.  I must admit that my husband is one of those aforementioned boaters.  He would be out on the water every day if not for having to go to work. 

This little wiggle sailboat magnet is so cute as it wiggles whenever you touch it.  Add it to metal file cabinets, refrigerators, locker or any metal surface!  You will want to make more than one and paint them in various colors for an entire armada! 

The aluminum from the soda can is easy to cut with regular scissors. 

Note:  Wear safety glasses when cutting soda cans, and be careful to cut off the ragged edges if needed.


Empty soda can
24-gauge wire
Wire cutters
Ceramic magnet disc
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Acrylic paint, white, red, blue, light blue
Small paintbrush


1.     First you will need to cut the soda can top and bottom off.  Be careful when cutting.  Cut it into a rectangle.  Bend the rectangle in the reverse direction of the can so that it lays semi-flat.

2.     Download and print the sailboat pattern.  Now trace the sailboat pattern onto the aluminum can piece and cut out.

3.     Use the white acrylic paint to brush two coats on the sails, and the connecting poles, letting the paint dry between coats.

4.     Use the light blue paint for the area between the poles. (Sky)

5.     Paint the top edge of the boat red. Optionally add some blue waves to the bottom of the boat with blue and white paint.  Let all the paint dry.

6.     Wind a piece of 24-gauge wire around a pencil about 1 ½” up.  Cut off with wire cutters.

7.      Using a hot glue gun attach the end of the coiled wire to the back of the magnet let it set.  Then attach it to the back of the sailboat with some more hot glue.

8.     Add to any magnetic surface.  Slightly touch the wiggle sailboat magnet and you will be amazed at how it moves!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to easily make a mini blackboard teacher gift

teacher gift

School will soon be coming to an end and the kids will want to come up with a unique teacher gift.  You can go out and buy something or a gift card always works, but still, your child may want to make something that come from the heart. 

This little mini blackboard teacher gift is so easy to make with a throwaway take out container.  As long as there is a number 6 in the little triangle on the container you can shrink it in a home oven to become 1/3 of the size and hard.  It makes a great little personalized gift tag, key ring, or even a brooch.  And what is best is that this teacher gift can be extra special with names, dates, and more. 

Shrinkable take out containers come in white or black but you will need the black one for this project.  So let’s get started…

look for the number [6]


Black take-out container marked with number [6]
White gel marker
Hole punch
Home oven
Cookie sheet lined with foil
Optional – jump ring, key ring, and needle nosed pliers

1.     Use the top or bottom portion of the container.  Measure and cut a rectangle 4” x 3”.

2.     If you are going to use it as a tag or key ring, punch a hole in one of the corners with a hole punch

3.     Next, Have your child write a message on the rectangle.  You can write to: teacher’s name.  You can write a thank you message.  Your child can sign his or her name so the sky is the limit. 

4.     Then make some curlicues or design all around the edges. 

5.     Now, line a cookie sheet with foil.  Place your prepared piece in a 300-degree oven for about 5 minutes or until the blackboard has shrunk and is relatively flat. 

6.     Remove from the oven (be careful so an adult should do this part) and immediately use a spatula to flatten the blackboard.  Let it cool and it will be hard and thicker.

7.     To make it into a key ring, use the needle nosed pliers to open a jump ring by twisting rather than pulling apart.  Insert through the hole and then close the jump ring with the same twisting motion.  Attach a key ring. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Make an easy rose pen for a Mother's Day surprise

rose pen

Did you know that you recycle a simple brown paper bag into an adorable rose pen for a fun Mother’s Day surprise?  Follow the simple steps and you can make an entire bouquet for Mom’s desk in no time, with very little cost! 

This project is easy enough for older kids with a little help.  Your Mom will love her new rose pen and use it often! 

rose pen

Recycled paper bag rose pen


Stick pen
Brown paper bag
Flower pattern
Thin cardboard
Tacky craft glue
Small paintbrush
Acrylic paint in choice of color
Marker in a similar color
Small piece of packaging tape (stronger than regular tape)
Green floral tape


1.     Download the flower pattern and trace onto a piece of thin cardboard.  Cut open a brown paper bag and lay it flat onto your work surface.  Use the cardboard pattern to trace three flowers and cut them out.

2.     Using the acrylic paint apply a coat of paint onto each flower.  Let dry, turn over and apply a coat of paint on the opposite side.  Let dry.

3.     Use a ruler and coordinating marker to mark spoke like lines from the petals (See photo) do this on each flower.

4.     Cut one section to the center of one flower.  On the second flower cut out one petal.  On the third flower cut out two petals.  Save the cut out single and double petals, they will be the center of the rose.

5.     On the first flower add some glue to the petal adjacent to the cut line and fold and attach the petal next to it.  (See photo)  It will look like a bowl.  Repeat this step on the second and third flower folding the petals together.  Let the glue dry.

6.     Use the scissors to cut a small curved opening at the bottom of each flower (This is where the pen will be inserted)

7.     Using the cut pieces of petal use the pen or a pencil to fold around and glue together.  Cut the uneven end straight.

8.     Insert the pen through the smallest center petal and slide up to the top leaving some extra at the end.  Cut a small piece of packaging tape and secure this center petal onto the pen.  Working from the bottom (pen point end) slide on the next sized center petal all the way to the first one.  It will fit tightly.  Use the small paintbrush to curl the petal down.

9.     Continue adding each flower from smallest to largest and curling the individual petals with the paintbrush until you have added them all.  Cut a small piece of tape and secure the last flower onto the pen. 

10. Begin at the bottom of the flower with floral tape, twisting around the pen and down.  Floral tape sticks to itself.  Cover the entire pen up to the end.