Monday, May 29, 2017

How to make a wiggle sailboat magnet for avid boaters

wiggle sailboat magnet

Use a throwaway soda can to make an adorable wiggle sailboat magnet for the avid boaters in your life.  I must admit that my husband is one of those aforementioned boaters.  He would be out on the water every day if not for having to go to work. 

This little wiggle sailboat magnet is so cute as it wiggles whenever you touch it.  Add it to metal file cabinets, refrigerators, locker or any metal surface!  You will want to make more than one and paint them in various colors for an entire armada! 

The aluminum from the soda can is easy to cut with regular scissors. 

Note:  Wear safety glasses when cutting soda cans, and be careful to cut off the ragged edges if needed.


Empty soda can
24-gauge wire
Wire cutters
Ceramic magnet disc
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Acrylic paint, white, red, blue, light blue
Small paintbrush


1.     First you will need to cut the soda can top and bottom off.  Be careful when cutting.  Cut it into a rectangle.  Bend the rectangle in the reverse direction of the can so that it lays semi-flat.

2.     Download and print the sailboat pattern.  Now trace the sailboat pattern onto the aluminum can piece and cut out.

3.     Use the white acrylic paint to brush two coats on the sails, and the connecting poles, letting the paint dry between coats.

4.     Use the light blue paint for the area between the poles. (Sky)

5.     Paint the top edge of the boat red. Optionally add some blue waves to the bottom of the boat with blue and white paint.  Let all the paint dry.

6.     Wind a piece of 24-gauge wire around a pencil about 1 ½” up.  Cut off with wire cutters.

7.      Using a hot glue gun attach the end of the coiled wire to the back of the magnet let it set.  Then attach it to the back of the sailboat with some more hot glue.

8.     Add to any magnetic surface.  Slightly touch the wiggle sailboat magnet and you will be amazed at how it moves!

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