Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to recycle an old CD into stunning monogram framed art

So, I recently had my studio completely redecorated.  And since the walls were newly painted and bare, I decided to make it personal.  What better way than to recycle an old CD into a monogram to hang on the wall?  

Paint your frame in a faux verdigris style to match your green paper.  The recycled old CD pieces will catch the light with color.

This is an easy project that you can create in no time.  So, let’s get started

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recycle an old CD

How to recycle an old CD into monogram framed art


Old CD
Wooden Frame
Piece of scrap green mat board or card stock to fit your frame
Tacky glue
Small sponge
Paper plate or palette


First, use the scissors to cut the CD into small pieces of various shapes and sizes.  Next, draw a letter of choice on the card stock or mat board lightly in pencil.  Then, working in sections, add some tacky glue and fill in your letter with the CD pieces.  Let dry.  When it is dry you can brush a coat of ModPodge over the entire piece.  Set aside.

recycle an old CD

Decorate the frame

Cover your work surface.  Using the brush and Pewter grey paint, cover the entire surface and sides of the frame. 

Next, while the frame is still semi-wet dip your sponge in the mint green paint and lightly tap over the entire surface and sides of the frame.

Finally, rinse your sponge and sparingly pat on some gold paint and let dry.

When the frame is dry brush on some ModPodge to protect the frame and hang where desired.

recycle an old CD

recycle an old CD