Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to paint a red ribbon of hope on a rock

red ribbon of hope

So, since this COVID 19 virus is ravaging the world a movement has grown called the red ribbon of hope.  The premise is that you tie a red ribbon on a tree (the tree goes through stages and then come back) to show solidarity.  Many people have started to get in on this and are tying red ribbons around trees.

But what if you don’t have a tree?  Well, then, why not paint a tree with a red ribbon on a rock!  You may already have the supplies since all your need is some paint, brushes and a rock! It’s easy and if you follow the simple steps you can join in the movement with your oven red ribbon of hope.

Get the kids involved.  This is a great family activity with kids. 

How to paint a red ribbon of hope on a rock 


Acrylic paint in brown, black, beige, green, and red
Flat paintbrush
Liner paintbrush


First, draw a tree shape onto the rock surface.  Then, using the flat brush and brown acrylic paint.  While the paint is still wet blend in some black paint on the sides of the tree branches to shade.

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

Next, Dab on some green at the top areas of your tree.  Now using the thin liner brush add some small branches up into the green parts of the tree.  Dab some beige paint on the leaves and branches to show added dimension.  Now, let the tree dry completely.

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

After the tree is dry, use red paint to paint a red bow.  Line with black pain, then highlight with the beige paint.  

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

red ribbon of hope rock

Enjoy your red ribbon of hope and remember we are all in this together!  Stay safe.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Five super simple upcycled crafts to turn trash into treasure

5 simple upcycled crafts

Since the coronavirus has a lot of people self-quarantined many are looking for things to do.  If you didn’t have time to go to the craft store to stock up on supplies, don’t worry.  You can create upcycled crafts with just ordinary stuff you find around the house and turn trash into treasure.

Just be creative.  If something calls for felt, substitute construction paper.  It’s all relative.  There are so many options.  

Most of these projects are great to make with bored kids.  Great for family time while we are all staying inside and safe. 

1.     Recycle advertising magnets into magnetic pets.  You can really have fun with these magnets.  Try using photos of friends and relatives in addition to pets.  If you don’t have double-stick tape, substitute some school or tacky glue spread thinly.

5 simple upcycled crafts

2.      Paint chip photo frame.  You might have some paint chip samples leftover from a painting project.  If you do, the color chips are super cut up and applied onto a frame. You can use a paper shredder to cut the strips or just cut them with scissors to vary the sizes.  Don’t have a frame, use some corrugated cardboard cut in a frame shape and apply the strips to that.

5 simple upcycled crafts

3.     Plastic bag friendship bracelets.  If you get the newspaper delivered many times during rain they come enclosed in plastic bags.  Don’t toss those bags, use them to make cool friendship bracelets.  This one uses a rattail ribbon, but you can easily substitute extra shoelaces, ribbon, strips of fabric.  Be creative.  It’s fun and easy and kids love them!

5 simple upcycled crafts

5 simple upcycled crafts

4.     Shrink an egg carton to make charms.  Remember shrinky dinks?  Well, did you know that any plastic container that has a #6 on it you can shrink to 1/3 of its size and the thickness of about a nickel.  A lot of egg cartons are listed number 6 so if you have one of these follow the tutorial and create all sorts of charms you can use for key chains, backpack charms, hair clips and more.  Remember only number 6 will work. 

5 simple upcycled crafts

5.     Cut up an old DVD and make a shiny mosaic Easter egg.  You can use paper mache eggs, plastic eggs, even Styrofoam eggs.  The trick is for this craft is that DVD’s have two layers, when you separate the layers they super easy to cut into pieces.  The pieces can then be glued onto an egg or other surface.  

Thursday, January 3, 2019

What are the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions?

New Year's resolutions

What are the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions?  Well, that is a question that can have many answers.  Recently, I started asking everyone I met what they think is a good way to start the New Year.  I had many different answers.  Some of them I can’t print here.  I, did, however, discover that many repeated the same ones.  

Whether everyone can keep these resolutions is a question that remains to be seen, but without further adieu, I present the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions in my neck of the woods.

1.    Quit smoking. (Well that one is just a no-brainer)

2.    Get fit and lose weight.  Whether it’s just a spare tire or a little extra in the chassis losing weight and looking one’s best is very, very popular.  

3.    Get out of debt. Dang those credit card bills coming in from Christmas.  

4.    Get organized. First things first, and all ducks in a row if that is possible in this crazy busy world.

5.    Spend more time with family. (Crazy busy world again)  We do, however, all need to stop and smell the roses, fly a kite, or toss a ball.

6.    Get rid of clutter.  It’s either that or star on the TV show about hoarders and no one wants that kind of notoriety!

7.    Break a bad habit.  Well, this can be all over the spectrum.  Whether it’s too many sodas, too much candy, too much TV or video games.  We all need to evaluate whether the things we enjoy, perhaps a bit too much.  As they say anything in moderation.

8.    Recycle. After all, we are all in this world together and doesn’t hurt to be conscious of the consequences of our existence. 

9.    Control stress. Again, here we go with that crazy busy world.  Maybe we should just stop and think if that thing you just had to get done really matters all that much.  And if it didn’t get done would the world stop spinning on its axis?  I. don’t. think. So.

10. And last but certainly not least, especially for an insomniac such as myself, catch up on sleep.  Go to sleep at a decent hour and shut off the party in one’s head. I know, easier said than done, but a resolution is just that a kind of promise to oneself.

A resolution is a solution to what one views as a problem.  It’s just a matter of how much willpower one possesses.  Even though the resolution is a noun it really does take quite a bit of action to get results.

Resolution [rez-uh-loo-shuhn]
A resolve. A decision or determination.  

Friday, December 21, 2018

The continuing adventures of Chicky loves christmas

I hope you are enjoying the adventures of Chicky the sweetest sweet potato.  In a world where every time you hear the news it makes you sad. Chicky is so sweet (Of course, she is a sweet potato) that she makes you smile.  She is kind; she loves everyone, and most of all Chicky loves Christmas.  

Chicky loves to bake Christmas cookies.  Sometimes they don’t always come out the way she wants them to, but she smiles and keeps on baking!

chicky loves Christmas

Chicky always thinks about those less fortunate.  She gives to charities and because of her kindness sometimes the phone doesn’t stop ringing.  Chicky doesn’t mind if she can help someone.

chicky loves Christmas

Chicky adores the simple things in life.  Whether it is a cup of cocoa, a snow globe, family gatherings, or music, Chicky loves it all.  We all would do well to copy Chicky and learn to appreciate what others may overlook.

chicky loves Christmas

Chicky loves everyone. She doesn’t care what they look like or how much money they have. 

chicky loves Christmas

And of course, Chicky always loves a party!

Chicky and George Bailey both believe that it is a wonderful life. And you can never have too many angels.  So ring those bells!

So the big day is almost here and Chicky has so much more to do before then.  So keep coming back and remember Chicky loves comment love too!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Welcome to the adventures of Chicky the sweetest sweet potato

Chicky sweet potato

So this Thanksgiving when preparing my family’s dinner, I met Chicky.  This little sweet potato stood out from the crowd.  She looked just like a little bird and with a little crafting magic she almost chirped.  

So Chicky became a member of the family.  And, Chicky Love’s Christmas!  Pretty soon Chicky was all over the place getting ready for her favorite holiday.  

First, Chicky went shopping on black Friday and lo and behold she got plenty of gifts for everyone on her list!  When she went to wrap her presents, the scissors kept disappearing!  

chicky sweet potato

chicky sweet potato

The very next day she got to ride in the Christmas parade! 

chicky sweet potato

While Chicky was at the mall she got to see Santa and told Santa all she wanted for Christmas was peace. I sure hope Chicky gets her gift.

chicky sweet potato

Then, just to get in the right mood she came home and binge-watched Christmas movies one after the other. The sappier the better!

chicky sweet potato

Chicky loves all things Christmas and she loves to read.  One of her favorite books is “A Christmas Carol.”  There is no “Bah, humbug, “ for this chick!

chicky sweet potato

“All aboard!”  Yup, Chicky got to ride the polar express and of course, she got a bell to bring home.  She doesn’t have any problem believing.

chicky sweet potato

When Chicky got home she found a gift in her mail.  She’d won a major award!  Hmmm, what could it be?

chicky sweet potato

So she sat down and wrote out her Christmas cards.  She doesn’t forget anyone not even Charlie Brown.  

chicky sweet potato

Next, Chicky thought she would check out the Christmas lights before she put them on the tree. Wouldn’t you know it!  One bulb, one tiny little bulb was blown out and now all the others were dark.  Chicky, who is a very amiable sweet potato most of the time got in a very un-Christmassy mood!

chicky sweet potato

It started to snow, however, and cheered her up a lot so she decided to build a snowman and go sledding!

chicky sweet potato

chicky sweet potato

And Chicky is not done yet. There are still 9 days left till Christmas so come back and see more of Chicky the sweetest potato’s adventures.  

Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to make fun Halloween eyeball ring party favors

Halloween eyeball ring party favor

If you want to make some Halloween fun try these quick and easy Halloween eyeball ring party favors!  They are inexpensive and you can make enough for a crowd in no time.

Attach the Halloween eyeball ring on to a lollipop before and you will have two gifts in one!

Halloween eyeball ring party favors

Updated: October 2018

Lets get started:


Round felt stickers (I used eyeballs)

¼” wide black elastic

Ex-acto or craft knife

Small paintbrush

Lollipops (I used blow pops)

Pen or pencil


Tacky glue

1.     You will need two round felt stickers for each mask/ring.  If the motif has any dimensional felt applied peel it off of the one you delegate as the bottom.  Only one side faces up.  Make two marks across from each other with a pen or pencil on the back of the bottom felt motif.  (See photo)

2.     Cut a piece of ¼” elastic 3 inches long.

3.     Cut through the slit marks you made on the back of one motif with an exacto or craft knife.  Remove the backing from the motif you cut the slits in and using the end of a small, thin paintbrush push the elastic through the slits entering through the non-sticky side, fold and adhere each elastic end to the sticky surface.  This is when you should measure to make sure the mask fits on your particular lollipop and pull through tighter or looser as needed.  

Measure your lolly

4.     Remove the backing from the other motif and attach to cover where you attached the elastic.  Slide onto your lollipop.  You may want to add a bit of tacky glue to further reinforce the bond.

5.     When you have eaten the lollipop use the mask as a cute ring.

If you can't find the eyeball felt stickers in your area, don't fret.  Simply cut two circles out of white felt and glue some wiggle eyes in the center.  Draw red lines with a fine line sharpie and make the rings as instructed using the tacky glue to adhere the two pieces together.

Monday, October 1, 2018

How to make these fun little Halloween ghost treat bags

Halloween ghost treat bags

Updated September 2018

Grab the candy and whip out a bunch of these inexpensive little Halloween ghost treat bags.  Your little ghouls will delight at the cute ghost and you are sure to be the g-host with the most!  

And it couldn't be easier or less expensive.  You can pick up packs of these little treat bags in the craft store and simple use paper towels for the ghost!  Fill the Halloween ghost treat bags with candy or little treats and let the party begin! 

You will need:

3” x 4” gift bag with handle in black or orange

White paper towel

Small amount of fiberfill

White thread

Tacky craft glue or Glue gun and glue sticks

Black dimensional fabric paint

1.     Cut a piece of white paper towel 4” x 4” square.  Put a tiny bit of fiberfill in the center and fold down.  Gather the top to form a head and tie into a knot with a small piece of white thread.  Snip off any excess thread

2.      Check the placement of the ghost so that he is centered on the bag. Add a dab of glue on the bag and adhere the ghost head.  Fluff out the ghost body. Let dry.

3.     Add two dots with the dimensional fabric paint on the ghost head to represent eyes and let dry. You can alternately glue on wiggle eyes if you chose. Fill  the bag with candy or small treats.