Friday, November 15, 2013

Kid's coloring stand up Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is almost here, and why not get the kids involved with table decoration. This little guy just needs some color and he will be all set to stand up on your Thanksgiving table.  Download this free printable, grab some crayons, colored pencils or markers and let the kiddies have some fun. Cut him out, then tape or staple the bottom together.  Wrap him around a glass at a place setting and he will be happy to welcome your guests.  If you use him at place settings you can write the guests name on the bottom before you put him together.

You will need:

Computer and printer

Downloaded turkey pattern

White card stock

Crayons, colored pencils or markers

Clear tape or staple and stapler


1.  Download the turkey pattern.  Load your printer with white card stock.  print your turkey pattern.

2.  Color the turkey as desired.  You may write a guest's name at the bottom center if desired.  Cut the turkey all around.  You may want to cut the wing feathers closer to the body and separate them slightly for a more three dimensional effect.

3.  Wrap the bottom edges around a glass or bottle and tape closed.  You may staple if desired.  The turkey will stand on it's own.

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