Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Tree Wine Bottle Hostess Gift

How do you wrap a wine bottle to give for a hostess gift?  Well, you can put it in one of those wine bottle sized bags or round bottle boxes, but what if your wine bottle is one of those big ones?  They don’t fit in a bottle box…I tried, and a bag is so yesterday.  So I figured why not decorate the bottle itself to look like a Christmas tree?  I found the little plastic stars for a dollar at Target and a container of green sparkle garland for $2.  So the cost to decorate the bottle is less than a bottle box and your gift will be one of a kind.

You will need:

Small plastic heart for the top of a tiny tree

Glue gun and glue sticks

12 inches of 16 gauge wire

Wire cutters

25 feet sparkle garland

Drill or I used a wood burner tool to make two holes in the holder end of the star

1.    Gather your supplies.  Make two holes in the holder end of the star parallel to each other.

2.     Cut a piece of 16-gauge wire 12 inches long with the wire cutters.  Thread it through the holes in the star with equal amounts at each side and twist around the top neck of the bottle.  You can add a little bit of hot glue to make sure it stays secure at the top. 

3.     Start to attach the garland at the bottom of the bottle tightly.  Wrap around upwards towards the neck.  It is really easy if you turn the bottle as you wrap. 

4.     When you reach the neck wrap around and down holding the ensuing loop with your fingers all around.  Twist the wire to hold securely in place. 

5.     You can take this project even further if desired by gluing on some small pom poms or lightweight trinkets all down the bottle, or just leave it plain.


  1. Excellent idea Crystal! Really enjoyed this one! Merry Christmas my friend ;o)

  2. Great creative and unique way to decorate a wine bottle. Thanks for sharing on MerryMonday.


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