Friday, December 12, 2014

Quick and fun Chalkboard gift tags kid's craft

These little gift tags are quick to create and make great tree ornaments as well as a package label.  Just add the recipient’s name on the front and a date on the back. Chipboard makes them sturdy as well as decorative.  This is a great kid’s or group project.

You will need:

Chipboard shapes (Some have raised embossing)

Spray or brush on chalkboard paint

White sharpie marker

Crystal sparkle dimensional fabric paint

Paper punch

4 inches scrap ribbon for each tag

Small box to use for spraying the pieces or small brush for painting

Note:  If you choose to use spray chalkboard paint, work in a well-ventilated area on a protected surface. When using brush on paint protect your work surface with some waxed paper.

1.     Spray or brush the chalkboard paints on both sides of the chipboard shapes.  Let dry.  Use the paper punch to make hole in the shape.

2.     After the paint is dry, use sparkle dimensional fabric paint to make your design.  Be creative.  You can create dots or swirls all around the border, or you can follow the raised embossing if your shapes have that.  The choices are endless.  Let the kids have fun.  The sparkle paint goes on white but dries clear with sparkles.  Let the paint dry.

3.     When the paint is dry label your tags with a white sharpie marker.

4.     Cut a 4-inch piece of 1/8” ribbon, thread through the hole you made and use a slipknot to attach.  Tape to your package or hang on the tree.

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