Sunday, February 14, 2016

President's Day facts and history

President's Day facts

On Monday February 15, 2016 we celebrate Presidents day and I thought it would be nice to list a few interesting President's Day facts and history about the holiday, so here goes:
  1. President’s Day originally commemorated George Washington’s Birthday on February 22.
  1. Due to the uniform Monday holiday act, President’s Day (As it is now known) falls on the third Monday in February.
  1. Since the New Date fell between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays, many felt that it honored both statesmen; President’s day was born.
  1. Since Presidents Day now fell on a three-day weekend, marketers used this day to clear out old winter stock and “President’s Day sales” began.
  1. Some states use President’s Day to celebrate others on that day. Arkansas celebrates Washington and Daisy Gatson Bates a civil rights activist, while Alabama also celebrates Thomas Jefferson who was born in April.
  1. Today President’s Day celebrates all presidents, past and present.
  1. Traditionally cherries are the order of the day. Whether it is cherry pie, cherry cobbler or just plain cherries many consume cherries on this day. This is in reference to the story, whether it be truth or myth of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.
  1. George Washington was born in Virginia. (Can you tell I’m proud of my home state?) He was born in Westmorland County in 1732. He lived his boyhood years in Fredericksburg at Ferry farms and his later years at Mount Vernon. If you are ever in Virginia be sure to visit some of these historical sites.
I hope you enjoyed these President's Day facts and brief history.  If you would like to learn more about George Washington the following links will give you more information.

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