Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scrap ribbon shamrock barette

Shamrock barrette

If you have a bit of scrap St. Patrick's Day ribbon leftover from another project you already have the makings of a cute shamrock barrette.  This project is super easy and all you need is an iron, some glue, a chenille stem and a french barrette!

There is a legend that if you wear green on St. Patrick's Day you become invisible to leprechauns and they won't pinch you.  Wear the green so that there will be no pinching!

You will need:

St. Patrick’s Day grosgrain ribbon

Ironing board and iron


Tacky Craft glue

Green sparkle chenille stem

1 ½” French barrette

Glue gun and glue sticks



1.  Cut three 2 1/2" pieces of 3/4"” wide St. Patrick’s Day holiday (or green) grosgrain ribbon.  Measure and mark the center of each piece.  (1 ¼”)

2.  Use your guide mark to fold up each side of the ribbon, and carefully iron it down flat. Turn over and fold under the two corners of each of the upturned sides of ribbon. Use the point of the iron to carefully tack it down.  (See photo) Finish by ironing the entire heart shape flat.  Make two more for a total of three ribbon hearts.

3.  Open the ironed down sections and add a dab of tacky glue to adhere.  A clothespin is helpful in holding the glued edges until they set. You may iron it again if desired.  Let dry.

Front side

Back side

4.  Roll one end of a green sparkle chenille stem into a circular shape.  Use your glue gun and glue sticks to attach the circular shape onto the center of a 3” metal barrette.  Let dry.  Attach the three heart shapes onto to the top of the glued on chenille stem.  (See Photo)  Let dry.  Curl the remaining chenille stem at the bottom.

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