Monday, December 12, 2016

How to make a pillow look like a beautiful gift pillow

gift pillow

When you are decorating for the holidays use the Bowdabra to make any pillow look like a beautiful gift pillow!  It’s so easy to make a removable package bow which when you attach it to your pillows will make it look exactly like a beautiful gift pillow.

It also is a great way to give a beautiful gift pillow to someone on your list.  Simply purchase a new pillow in a holiday solid color and make the removable package bow.  And no sewing is involved!  Give the pillow to the person of your choice and you won’t have to use any wrapping paper!  Easy!


1 ½” wide Christmas ribbon, wired and preferably foiled and not glitter since glitter will get all over everything
Pillow of choice
Bowdabra bow maker
Bowdabra bow wire
Tape measure
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Iron on hook and loop tape (Velcro)


1.     Use the tape measure to measure around your pillow vertically.  My pillow was 35 inches.

2.     Cut the ribbon 35 inches long.  Glue it end to end with the hot glue gun.  Slip the pillow in the loop to make sure it fits snuggly but not too tight.

3.     Next cut another length of ribbon 37 inches.  Run a lighter over the ends to keep them from fraying. Fold it to find the center and attach it with some hot glue to the center of the loop you made.  You will have two lengths of ribbon on each side. 

4.     Now, insert the pillow through the loop. Then wrap these two loose lengths of ribbon around to the back of the pillow. Make sure the ends have a little overlapping margin. (This is where you will attach the hook and loop tape)

5.     So now follow the manufacturer’s instructions to iron on the corresponding hook and loop tape pieces on each of the ends of the ribbon. Make sure they are the right sides and attach correctly.  You have the package ribbon and will now make the bow for the center.

6.     To make the bow for the center, cut a piece of Bowdabra bow wire 18” long.  Fold the wire in half and insert into the Bowdabra.  You will have a loop on one side and two loose wires on the other.

7.     To make the bow tail, place the ribbon into the Bowdabra several inches up from the end.

8.     Fold the ribbon to form your first loop. (if your ribbon is not the same on both sides you will have to twist as you insert the loops) Continue folding and twisting the ribbon to form additional loops. Mine was five loops on each side.

9.     Scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.  Insert the two loose wire ends through the loop and pull tight while the bow is still in the Bowdabra.  Remove the bow, turn to the back and tie a knot.  Fluff and arrange the bow.

Attach the bow to the center of the ribbon package loops with some more hot glue.  Use the Velcro closures in the back to put on or remove from your pillow.

Bowdabra bow makers are readily available online or at most major craft and discount department stores.


  1. This is so pretty Crystal! What a great idea! Thank you!! Hope everything is well! Big Hugs!

  2. Love how gorgeously this turned out! Beautiful bow. :) Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us at #FridayFrivolity recently!!


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