Monday, December 19, 2016

Quickly make adorable ornaments from laser cut wood

adorable ornaments from laser cut wood

Laser cut wood shapes are available for pennies at the craft stores.  There are ornaments and frames of all shapes and sizes.  And the best part is that they are so inexpensive!

The scrollwork is so elegant and lends itself to quickly make adorable ornaments.  Mom or dad can spray paint the shapes and kids will love to add the beads to them. The resulting ornaments are stylish and classy.  And the memories of creating them as a family will be a lasting treasure.


Laser cut wood shape ornaments
Spray paint in gold and silver
Silver, gold, and pearl beads
Tacky craft glue
Tweezers (optional)
Paper or foam plates to work on
Silver or gold cord for hanging

For the snowflake:

Bag of sparkle snow


1.     Spray each ornament in gold or silver and let dry.  Turn over and spray the other side.  Let dry completely.  Work in a well-ventilated area or outside.

2.     Add dots of tacky glue to the shape and attach the silver, gold, or pearl beads as desired.  You can be creative.  Run a ring of beads around the ornament; add to the corners or in the middle.  The sky is the limit.  When you have added the amount of beads you choose let the ornament dry.  You may if you desire turn to the back and add more beads as you did before.

3.     Cut a length of gold or silver cord and attach to the top for hanging on the tree or in a window.

For the snowflake:

1.     Cover the entire silver spray painted ornament with tacky glue.  Work on a paper plate.

2.     Sprinkle the sparkle snow on top and press with your fingers to make sure it adheres.  Let dry.  Add a hanging cord to the top.  You may add a second coat of sparkle snow after the first one is dry if you want a fluffier snowflake.

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