Monday, August 21, 2017

How to quickly make a sweet little rock fairy house

rock fairy house

Painting rocks are fun and inexpensive.  I mean a rock is pretty much free right?  And with a little paint, you can make an amazing little rock fairy house.  You can easily paint this rock fairy house with one larger base rock and two small rocks that you glue to the roof after painting them to resemble chimneys. 

Wouldn’t you just love to open that door and go inside?  I’ve set mine up with my little painted rock gnome in a flower pot on my porch!

Rock fairy house


Large rock for main house
2 smaller rocks for the chimneys
Acrylic paint in light green, dark pink, raw sienna, burnt umber, red, yellow, dark green, black, and white.
White Gesso
E6000 glue
Medium flat brush, liner brush, and spotter brush


1.     First, cover your work surface with newspaper.  Next, get your rocks, wash and dry them. 

2.     In order for the paint to show up well, use a medium brush to apply a coat of gesso on all the rocks and let dry.

3.     Next, apply a coat of light green paint on the entire large rock and let dry.  While the large rock is drying apply a coat of dark pink on the two smaller rocks. Let the paint dry.

4.     Now, using the liner brush and white paint, add horizontal lines all across the small chimney rocks.  Then, add vertical lines all along the horizontal lines to resemble bricks. Add a small area of dark brown in the center of the rock that will be on the top. (See photo) Set aside and let dry.

5.     Paint the roof tiles. Now, double load your flat brush, one side raw sienna, and the other side burnt umber.  Apply the paint in vertical strokes on the roof, reloading your brush as necessary.  Continue until you have added the tiles to the entire roof. Use the liner brush to add some black lines vertical and horizontal to accent the tiles as needed.

6.     Use E6000 glue to attach the two chimney rocks to each other and then attach to the top of the large main house rock.  Let dry.

7.     Now add the extra little details.  Use the red acrylic paint to make a round door.  Add some vertical lines with white while the paint is still wet to resemble boards.  Paint the windows. Add yellow in the windows.  Paint some flowers with pink, white, and yellow on the windowsills, and all around the edges of the house.  Add other things like butterflies, bunnies, and more flowers as desired.

8.     Let dry and display with pride! And be sure and stop by Make it easy crafts again for more free craft tutorials!

rock fairy house

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