Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to use nature for easy acorn Thanksgiving décor

acorn Thanksgiving decor

Nothing looks more autumn-y than this acorn Thanksgiving décor!  It’s so easy to use acorns to decorate and for craft projects.  You will need to clean them and then heat in the oven for 10 minutes or more at 350 degrees before you use them but after that the skies the limit!

These are so easy to make look like zentangle designs and even pop on a face or two as a cute little surprise.  Set them around the table or in a centerpiece with a candle and your guests will fall in love with your acorn Thanksgiving décor. 


·      Acorns and caps  (Many times the caps separate from the acorns which is fine because you glue them on after painting anyway.
·      Corrugated cardboard piece to work on
·      Acrylic paints in chosen colors
·      Sharpie markers, black, white, silver, and colors of choice
·      Fine sandpaper
·      Duct tape
·      Gloss acrylic finish
·      Small paintbrush and paper plate for palette
·      Aluminum foil
·      Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


1.     First wash and dry all the acorns and caps.  Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and place the acorns on it.  Set your oven to 350 degrees and heat for at least 10 minutes.  Remove and let cool before working with them.

2.      Next, fold pieces of duct tape so that you have the sticky side up and attach to a piece of scrap corrugated cardboard

3.     Now use the fine sandpaper to lightly sand the acorns so that the paint will adhere. 

acorn Thanksgiving decor

4.     Then attach the acorns wide side facing down to the sticky tape on the cardboard to hold it while you paint them.  You don’t need to paint the top areas since you will cover that area with the caps.  At the same time apply a coat of gloss finish on the acorn caps.

acorn Thanksgiving decor

5.     For the next step, apply some paint into a paper plate or palette and using a small paintbrush paint each acorn.  Let dry and apply a second coat.  Let dry completely. 

acorn Thanksgiving decor

6.     Now to make the design use a sharpie marker.  First, make a line all around the acorn close to the top.  Second, draw loops all around the bottom of the line.  Then make another line all around closer to the bottom. Now make small circle in between both lines centering between the loops.  Next draw lines from the circle to the center of the loops and the bottom line.  Continue all around. It will look like an X from the small circle.  (See photos)
acorn Thanksgiving decor
Step 1

acorn Thanksgiving decor
Step 2

acorn Thanksgiving decor
Step 3

acorn Thanksgiving decor
Step 4

acorn Thanksgiving decor
Step 5

7.     Now make larger loops under the bottom line all around.

acorn Thanksgiving decor
Step 6

8.     Turn the acorn with the bottom semi-pointed end is facing you.  Draw a circle on the bottom and then attach with lines to the loops you just drew. (See photo)  Easy!

acorn Thanksgiving decor

9.     Attach the cap with some hot glue.

10. For an alternate fun surprise draw a face on a couple of acorns.  Use silver or white on the darker painted acorns. (See photo)

11. Place the acorns around the table or surround them around a holiday candle centerpiece.


  1. These are so pretty and cute and look like fun. :)

    1. They are so much fun to create! So happy you visited and thanks for you comment! :-)


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