Monday, January 23, 2017

How to make a wonderful mini woven cork board

Mini woven cork board

If you are looking for a small bulletin board for quick messages and notes this mini woven cork board fits the bill.  It is so easy to make using an old 8 x 10 frame with the glass removed. 

Did you know that you could buy rolls of contact cork inexpensively in most discount department stores?  The contact back has lines with exact measurements which makes cutting quite easy.  So lets get started!


Contact cork (sold in rolls in the kitchen sections)
8 x 10 frame without glass
Corrugated cardboard to fit in the frame
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Blue masking tape
Craft knife and cutting board


1.     Cut 1” strips using the lines on the backing paper as a guide.  Cut as many as will fit across the cardboard.  (I cut 8 across the top and 9 down the sides.) Use masking tape to tape the strips vertically across the corrugated cardboard.  (The tape strips will be removed later)

2.     Begin weaving the cork strips over and under as needed. You don't have to remove the paper backing from the cork.  After you have woven to the bottom use the glue gun to add some glue to attach the strips to the cardboard.  Remove the blue tape from the top.

3.     Now trim up the edges of the cork to be flush with the corrugated cardboard backing.  You can use scissors but it is easier and neater to use a craft knife on a cutting board.

4.     Place the cork board into the frame and secure.  Hang over a desk or other area where you would like to put small messages.

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