Monday, February 13, 2017

How to make a perfect champagne cork shamrock stamp

Champagne cork shamrock stamp

If you’ve saved that champagne cork from New Year’s Eve (and I know you did) you can use it to make a perfect cork shamrock stamp! 

It’s easy to carve with an X-acto or craft knife.  When the cork shamrock stamp is ready it will have a myriad of uses.  Stamp all your correspondences.  Stamp up a few bookmarks for school treats for your child’s classmates.  Stamp some plain brown paper to create your own wrap for small gifts. 

Since you make this stamp from cork your image will have tiny open areas that gives your stamp a textured look. 


Champagne cork
X-acto or craft knife
Piece of thin cardboard
Ink pad (green, or any color you prefer)
Stamping items
Tiny bit of fine sandpaper

Champagne cork shamrock stamp


1.     First, make your pattern.  Begin by folding a thin piece of cardboard in half.  Then use a pen to draw a half heart on the fold.  The half heart should be measured ¼” on the fold line.  Finally use some pointed scissors to cut out.  Open the cardboard piece and you will have your heart stencil.

2.     Next, use the pen to draw the heart on the bottom (Flat end) of the cork.  Make three hearts in the shape of a shamrock.  Draw a curved triangle in the center for the stem.  (See photo)

3.     Now, use the craft knife to carefully cut around your design.  Work slowly, making small slits and slices.  Cut around the image about ¼” down.

4.     Then use a tiny piece of fine sandpaper to lightly sand any rough surfaces.  Your stamp is ready to use.

5.     Ink up the image with your preferred color and stamp using steady pressure.  Practice first on scrap paper before you stamp on your projects to the get used to the pressure and stamp.  Now you can use your shamrock stamp to make seasonal bookmarks, greeting cards and more!

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Note:  When working with a craft knife please be extremely careful, this is not a project for kids, but the kids will love if you make them a stamp of their own!


  1. I love this idea and it looks so simple!! I would be thrilled if you would share it at the Pleasures of the NW's DIY link up!

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