Friday, December 21, 2018

The continuing adventures of Chicky loves christmas

I hope you are enjoying the adventures of Chicky the sweetest sweet potato.  In a world where every time you hear the news it makes you sad. Chicky is so sweet (Of course, she is a sweet potato) that she makes you smile.  She is kind; she loves everyone, and most of all Chicky loves Christmas.  

Chicky loves to bake Christmas cookies.  Sometimes they don’t always come out the way she wants them to, but she smiles and keeps on baking!

chicky loves Christmas

Chicky always thinks about those less fortunate.  She gives to charities and because of her kindness sometimes the phone doesn’t stop ringing.  Chicky doesn’t mind if she can help someone.

chicky loves Christmas

Chicky adores the simple things in life.  Whether it is a cup of cocoa, a snow globe, family gatherings, or music, Chicky loves it all.  We all would do well to copy Chicky and learn to appreciate what others may overlook.

chicky loves Christmas

Chicky loves everyone. She doesn’t care what they look like or how much money they have. 

chicky loves Christmas

And of course, Chicky always loves a party!

Chicky and George Bailey both believe that it is a wonderful life. And you can never have too many angels.  So ring those bells!

So the big day is almost here and Chicky has so much more to do before then.  So keep coming back and remember Chicky loves comment love too!

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  1. Merry Christmas Chicky and Crystal! I love these posts! Big Hugs!


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