Friday, January 6, 2012

Easy felt heart pin

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and these instructions are very easy and come together quickly.  Supplies are inexpensive and readily available at any Craft store. You can make them in various sizes and wear them in groups or wear just one. This project is easy enough for kids but why leave all the fun to them? Make one two or a dozen in just a few short minutes and have everyone wearing their hearts on their sleeves...or lapels.  J

You will need:

Embossed red felt

White stiffened felt

Faux pearl beads, several small oval and a few small round

Tacky glue

Paper edger scissors (I used a scalloped shape)

Paper, pencil, scissors

Pin back

1.     Make the heart pattern.  Fold a piece of paper in half. (I used paper that was white on one side and printed on the other for demonstration purposes)  Estimate what size heart you would like and draw a half heart shape on the fold.  See photo.  Cut out.

2.     Open the piece of paper and make sure the heart is the size and shape you desire. Trim if necessary.  Refold the heart and put back on another area of  the fold and using it as a guide trace around ½ larger.  See photo.  Cut out.  You will have two heart patterns, one a bit larger than the other.

3.     Using the larger heart pattern, trace onto the stiffened white felt.  Cut out with paper edgers.

4.     Using the smaller heart pattern trace onto the embossed red felt and cut out with scissors.

5.     Spread some tacky glue onto the back of the smaller felt heart and attach to the larger white stiffened felt heart.  Make sure it is centered and leaves an even margin all around.

6.     Run a bead of tacky glue around the edge of the red heart and start to attach the oval faux pearls.  Glue the oval faux pearls all around.  You may have to attach a small round faux pearl at the top center and bottom point in order to connect the pearls.

7.     Glue on pin back and let dry.

You can make these hearts in several sizes, small, medium, large and they make wonderful little Valentine gifts for teachers, co-workers and friends. 

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  1. I like the heart on the sleeve notion and plan on making enough to share with friends.

  2. A great craft, Crystal. I'd like to see more like this that I can use in my craft club at the local nursing home. We volunteers have to do a lot of the work due to residents inhibited by strokes, loss of limbs, etc.

  3. perfect timing with Valentines day approaching!

  4. Crystal, these are perfect! Love them! I will be making some ;o) And, I think they would be fun to make in different colors to use at any time of the year ;o)

  5. Neat and fun ~ thanks for coming by Share the Creative Journey ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^


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