Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crafty recycling--How to make a miniature bushel basket from a K-cup

You asked for it and so here it is a K-cup craft that is easy and cost well, practically nothing. These would make a great decorative accent for a kitchen knick-knack shelf and no one will ever guess its beginnings was an empty K-cup.  You use a handful of pinto beans to represent potatoes, but be sure and come back next week for a tutorial on making other veggies for your baskets.  Pretty soon you will have an entire farmers market!

You will need:

An empty K-cup

A Paper bag (thinner lunch size work best)

A compass

Scissors, ruler, pencil

Tacky craft glue

Small amount of pinto beans

Black marker

 Two unused staples

1.     Remove the filter and wash and dry the used K-cup.

2.     Cut open a brown paper bag and smooth it flat.  Using the compass draw a 3-inch diameter circle and cut out.

3.     Set the K-cup in the center of the circle and mark around with a pencil. (I used a marker so you can see it better) Use this circle as a guide and cut slits all around just up to the line.  Spread some tacky glue in the middle of the paper circle where you marked it and attach the K-cup.

4.      Spread some tacky glue on the K-cup and press on each of the slits, working around the K-cup.  Turning under at the top.  Make sure you liberally spread the glue on the K-cup and on the edge of the previous slit.  (See photo) When you have finished covering the entire K-cup, let dry.

5.     Cut two strips of brown paper ¾” x 7.”  Fold in half and then fold each edge to the center. Fold in half again.  Glue on one strip around ½” from the top edge.  Trim any excess.  Repeat with the other strip around the bottom edge of the basket. 

6.     Scrunch up some leftover paper bag and stuff the basket up to ½” from the top.  Glue a staple to each side of the basket. Cut a circle the diameter of the top of the basket and glue on top of the paper stuffing, letting the staples poke out of the sides.  Let dry.

7.     Spread some glue on top of the paper circle and attach some pinto beans.  Keep gluing one bean at a time until the basket appears full.  Print “taters” with a permanent maker if desired.


  1. I love this Crystal!!! My mom loves miniatures, so I will have to try to make this for her. Maybe a nice Mother's Day surprise ;o) Have a great weekend!

  2. Adorable and so creative! I love it!!

  3. wow, that is so cool! What a great craft,

  4. What a great idea, Crystal!!! I just have to make some of these!!!

  5. super cute idea! thanks for sharing~


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