Monday, February 13, 2012

Make a cardboard sewing Valentine’s Day card (craft with the kids)

Anyone remember those little cards with holes in them for kids to sew with big plastic darning needles?  They were fun and they taught us finger dexterity.  I know I would sew them and then take the stitches out and sew them again. These Valentine cards are a take on those old fashioned sewing cards.  With a little help from mom or dad you will have a little hand made keepsake Valentine’s Day card you can treasure forever!

Scrap corrugated cardboard

Darning needle

Pink raffia

Scissors, ruler, pencil

Blank pink greeting card

Tacky craft glue or Mom or dad can use the glue gun for faster setting

1/8 “ hole punch

(Mom or dad can do steps 1, 2 and 3 if the child is too young)

1.     Make a heart pattern in a desired size by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing a half heart on the fold.  Cut out and open for a perfectly symmetrical heart.

2.     Trace the heart pattern on the corrugated cardboard and cut out.

3.     Measure 1 inch from the bottom point and punch a hole.  Continue punching holes in an arc around the heart in ¾” intervals.  Punch holes around the edges in the same way.

4.     Thread the darning needle with a length of raffia.  Knot the end.

5.     Give it to the kids and let them have some fun.  Let them be creative with the sewing.  Anything goes.  Help them tie a knot on the back to secure when the length is exhausted.  Trim any pieces of raffia that are hanging over the edges.

6.     Spread a thick layer of Tacky glue on the back of the heart, or if desired mom or dad may apply some hot glue and attach to the center of a blank greeting card.


It’s fun to let them write their own greetings!


  1. I wouldn't have thought of raffia for the stitching. Nice! :)

  2. Very nice Crystal! I agree, I would have never thought of raffia for the stitching! Great idea! Have a great day!


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