Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Custom décor decoupage switch-plate cover

The craft of decoupage has been around for years. If you want to make a decorated switch plate cover you can purchase decoupage paper in just about any craft store, but why stop there?  Why not make your own custom paper to match your décor? I used photos of my curtains and comforter to create one of a kind switch-plate covers.  You can create these covers on new switch-plates or just recycle your old ones for a unique room face-lift.

You will need:

Computer and printer


Standard computer paper

Gloss decoupage glue and finish (Modpodge is a good one)

Small paintbrush

X-acto or craft knife

Scissors, ruler, pencil

Piece of corrugated cardboard (scrap from a box) covered with waxed paper

Switch-plate cover

1.     Take a photo of any color, fabric, or textural surface that matches your room.  (I took photos of my curtains and comforter)

2.     Load the photo of your choice on your computer and print the design full size on a sheet of standard all-purpose computer paper.

3.     Working on the wax paper covered cardboard place your design unprinted side up and lay your switch plate on top.  Trace around the switch plate.  Mark a ½” extra around entire traced piece.  Trace the center opening as well and mark an X in the center. Cut out the traced piece and use the ruler to cut each corner at an angle.  Using the X-acto or craft knife to cut the X in the switch opening.

4.     With a small paintbrush spread a thick layer of decoupage glue on front of switch plate.  Place the paper design on top of the switch plate centering so that the ½ inch edges overlap evenly and the X opening is in the proper place.   Smooth down with your fingers. (Mod Podge washes away easily with water)  Turn over and working on one side at a time, spread some of the decoupage glue on each back edge and fold to the back.  Smooth down the corners with your fingers.  Continue until all the edges are glued down.  Do the same thing with the center opening folding down each triangle of the X inward and down.

5.     Turn to the right side and apply a thick layer of decoupage glue to finish.  Make sure you smooth out any bubbles with your fingers.  Let dry.  If you would like your switch plate to be extra shiny add another coat of decoupage glue and let dry. 

6.     When the switch plate is dry and you are ready to screw it back on the wall turn to the back side and make a tiny hole with a pen point so you can see where to put the screws.


  1. I really like this idea Crystal! Something I have always wanted to do ;o) Thanks ;o)

  2. Cute and easy! Thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. This is easy,beautiful & fun :)
    I m following your blog, I hope you will enjoy following back :)


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