Friday, December 14, 2012

Dimensional duct tape Christmas ball ornament

It’s no secret I love to create with recycled materials, and the cardboard tubes from the inside of a toilet tissue roll are an ideal starting point.  Add some Christmas duct tape to quickly and easily create a unique Christmas ball ornament for the tree.  Using just one roll of duct tape and some recycled toilet tissue tubes you can make enough ornaments to fill an entire tree!
You will need:

Cardboard tube from the inside of a toilet tissue roll

Christmas duct tape (available at craft and discount dept. stores)



1/8” hole punch

Large eye darning needle

Gold cord

Coordinating color pony bead for each ball

Pencil or marker

1.     Wrap a length of duct tape around the cardboard tube meeting at the other end.  Wrap another length beside the first length.  You will have a small piece of tube uncovered.  Cut this off and discard.

2.     Measure and mark ¾” of an inch on the tube and cut across to make a ring.  It is perfectly fine to flatten slightly while you cut.  Cut two more ¾” inch rings. 

3.     Using three of the rings, open them to their original round shape and punch a hole in each ring with the 1/8” hole punch.

4.     Cut a 10” inch length of thin gold cord and thread a pony bead onto it.  Insert both ends of the cord through the large eye of a darning needle.  (See photo)

5.     Carefully insert each ring inside each other lining up the holes you made with the hole punch.  It is ok if it is not perfectly round at this point.  You can readjust the shape after you have added the cord.

6.     Use the threaded needle to pull through the holes on all the rings till the pony bead reaches the top.  Remove the needle and tie a knot with the cord ends for hanging. 

7.     Adjust the shape of the ball and hang on the tree.


  1. A fantastic idea! Love the candy cane looking round duct tape ornament.

  2. This is brilliant!! Thanks for coming up with these great ideas Crystal!!!

  3. We love your crafty creation and appreciate you taking the time to share it with us in the Crafty Showcase. Stop back in to see who gets featured on Friday.

    Merry Christmas,
    Susie, Sandy, Sarah & the Bowdabra Designers


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