Sunday, March 24, 2013

Duct tape Camo Easter (basket) box

When it comes to Easter baskets I always like to think outside the box, or in this case outside the basket.  This box whips up quick as a wink and makes a great box for any boy to keep in his room for small trinkets after Easter.  I even found Camo colored Easter grass and you can take the theme even further and get some Camo colored plastic eggs to fill!

And who says you have to be a kid to get an Easter basket (box) full of candy fun?  This one is going on its way to North Dakota for my son in the air force. 

You will need:

Camo duct tape (available in craft stores)

Rounded rectangle paper mache box



Small paintbrush

Gold acrylic paint

Camo or regular Easter grass

Candy and small trinkets for filling

Plastic cutting mat is nice to work on but not necessary

1.     Paint the inside of the top and bottom of the box with the gold acrylic paint.  Let dry.

2.     Cover the top of the box first.  Measure the top and bottom of your box.  Cut strips of the Camo duct tape to fit across with a little overlapping.  Continue adding strips till the entire top is covered.  Trim the excess duct tape flush with the edges.

3.     For the side of the top of the box (Mine was 1 ¾” deep) it is easier to work with smaller pieces than to wrap it around all in one piece. Cut pieces of duct tape to fit around and line it up with exactly the same amount of excess on both sides.  Make small slits with the scissors in the excess duct tape on the top edge and then press down.  Repeat with the other edge folding to the inside. (See photo)  Top finished.

4.     For the bottom of the box Attach pieces of duct tape across and trim the edges all around like you did for the top of the box.   

5.     Starting from the bottom edge add pieces of duct tape all around the sides leaving an excess at the bottom.  Cut small slits in the excess duct tape all round and fold under. 

6.     Continue to add pieces of duct tape around working from the bottom to the top.  When you reach the top edge leave about ¼” excess and cut some slits around and fold to the inside.  Bottom finished.  (See photo)

7.     Fill with Easter grass and candy.



  1. I really love this idea Crystal! Thank you! I think this would be a pretty box for me ;o)

  2. Super cute. I love the camo duct tape. Great idea.

  3. Great idea! I love the camo :)
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  4. A fun way to take the 'pastel' out of Easter for the boys:) Just posted on Craft Gossip!

  5. Because hunters and guys like Easter baskets too. :D Thanks for sharing.


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