Friday, July 19, 2013

Flip-flop earrings- teen crafting

Summertime and the liiivvving is easy…or so they say.  It’s a little warm for my tastes so I’m staying inside and whipping up some cute little flip-flop earrings, and you can too.  They are quick and easy to make and teens love them.  They are also very inexpensive.  This is a great sleepover or group craft. 

You will need:

Thick foam door hanger in desired color

Plastic lacing in matching color

Flip-flop pattern (free download)


Small scissors

Disappearing marker

Poster board

Graphite paper

Tracing paper

Jump rings, 16 and 18 gauge

Fish hook ear wires

Needle nosed pliers (two are helpful for opening and closing jump rings)

1.     Download and print out the full size pattern.

2.     Using the poster board and tracing paper trace and cut out the pattern.  I find it is easier to make a template and use it to trace on the foam. 

3.     Use your template and a disappearing marker (available at craft stores) to trace your pattern on the door hanger.  Carefully cut out. 

4.     Use the awl to poke holes all the way through the flip-flop at each area marked with a dot.

5.     For each flip-flop, cut a two one-inch pieces of matching plastic lacing. Use the scissors to cut a point at each end of the pieces.

6.     Add a dab of glue to the second from the top hole and insert the ends of two lacing pieces.  You can use the needle nosed pliers to pull it slightly through the bottom.  Add a bit of glue to each of the opposite end holes and insert the free ends into them. (See photo)  Let dry.

7.     Use two needle nosed pliers to open the larger of the two jump rings using a twisting motion rather than pulling apart, and insert into the top hole of the flip flop.  Close with the same twisting motion, meeting the two ends together.

8.     Open the second smaller jump ring and loop through the first one.  Add the fish hook ear wire as well making sure it is facing in he correct direction.  Close the jump ring.

9.     Snip off any extra lacing that is poking through the sole.


  1. I've never made my own jewelry, but these sure are cute. I have some teenage cousins who would just love them! I'm visiting from the 504 Main link party.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. These are so cute! What a fun idea. It would be cute to make a bunch of them in different colors and make a charm bracelet!

  3. Very cute and clever! I'm thinking that a charm bracelet would be a great little giveaway at my grand-duaghters birthday party next month. Thanks for sharing.

    We would like to invite you to party with us at the new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your creative idea. Come on over!!

  4. I saw your link-up at DearCreatives and just had to come by. How absolutely adorable and brilliant too! Pinning this project.

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  5. Sooo gorgeous! This project is too lovely! Thanks for sharing it!
    Hope you have a good week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. These are adorable! I bet they go over big with the teenage girls. I love them and I'm far from being a teenager. I agree with comment above, these would make a cute charm bracelet too! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Pinning!

  7. These are incredible adorable! I would love to have a pair on every color of the rainbow of flip flop earings! I don't care how old I am I think they would look great! Thanks for sharing. Pining to my Because it's pretty board!

  8. Super cute & creative! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!

  9. I love these! My girls will want to try and make some for sure. You are today's Dare to Share Feature of the Day.

  10. Super cute, Crystal! I love making earrings also and these are wonderful.

  11. These are precious! They are perfect for summer! :)

  12. My teenager would love this. Add some rhinestones, and she would rock them. Thank you so much for participating in our link party last week. We hope to see you at our next Blog Strut Linky Party at!

  13. These are so cute and perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  14. Adorable! I'd LOVE a pair... how cute! thanks for linking up to the Tasteful Tuesday party... You are being featured today. I'd love for you to tweet, share or +1 your feature :o)
    Emily @ Nap-Time

  15. Super cute! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!


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