Friday, August 23, 2013

Tutorial Stenciled slate coasters-- and how to cut a personalized stencil--Friday two-fer

It’s easier than you may think to cut your own stencil designs.  So when you would like a stencil that is as unique as you are—cut your own!

You will need:

Piece of glass from an old frame to work on

Stencil blank (Available at craft stores)

Design you like from computer software, internet  sites, etc.

Masking tape

Wood burning tool or X-Acto craft knife

1.     Print out your design and place under a piece of frame glass.  You will be working on the glass. 

2.     Place a stencil blank on top of the glass and tape down.  For intricate designs a wood burning or all-purpose burner tool is best, but for most designs you may use a craft knife.

3.     Carefully cut your stencil following the lines of the design that shows through the glass and stencil blank.

Stenciled Slate coaster

Stenciled coasters are easy and make a great hostess gift.  You can use pre-cut stencils or cut your own for a personalized one of a kind design. 

You will need:

·      Slate coaster set (available in craft stores and online)

·      Round stencil brush

·      Acrylic paint or stencil creme ( it is best to use paint with a thicker consistency) I used Martha Stuart all purpose craft paint.

·      Paper plate

·      Stencil of choice

·      Modpodge exterior glue and finish

·      Small paint brush

1.     Work on a piece of scrap cardboard or newspaper.  Apply a  small amount of acrylic paint on a paper plate.  Load your stencil brush vertically, tip only into the paint and dab in another part of the paper plate to remove excess paint. You need very little paint on your stencil brush.  Stenciling it is a dry brush technique.

2.     Place a stencil of choice on top of your coaster and with the stencil taped down or held with your hand, apply paint with a dabbing motion, edges first and then fill in the center.  

3.     Immediately remove the stencil and place the coaster in an area to dry.  If the stencil didn’t come out the way you’d like simply wash it off and try again.  Stenciling on slate is a great first stencil project since it is very forgiving and you can wash it off and start over if you’ve made a mistake.

4.     Before stenciling the other coasters check to make sure no paint got on the underside of the stencil.  If it did clean it off before stenciling.  Let all the coasters dry completely.

5.     When the coasters are dry apply a coat of Mod Podge exterior finish on top of each coaster.  Let dry at least 48 hours.  I used exterior mod Podge because there will be wet items on them.  You can, however, use regular Mod Podge or finish.

6.     Tie the coasters together with a piece of raffia.


  1. I love the coasters! The stencil is an awesome tool to have. Thanks for showing everyone how to make one.

  2. Oooh great idea! Love those coasters!

  3. Alot of great information! Thanks Crystal ;o)

  4. love it! I had my printed out picture and went for a xacto blade, was wondering if I needed to do something else than just cut out the paper, didn't think of this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. To make the stencil you put your design under the glass and the stencil blank on top of the glass and cut out? Stencil made--easy,peasy the paper picture is just your pattern

  5. How cute are those coasters?! I need to make my own stencils.. this is such a great idea!


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