Thursday, April 24, 2014

Duct tape frame

No longer just dull gray and plain Jane, duct tape comes in so many colors, prints and styles these days that its uses are limitless!  You can make this frame in a short time for yourself or for gift giving.

You will need:

5 x 7 wooden frame (available for pennies at the craft store)

Duct tape in desired pattern or color

Small pointed scissors


X-acto or craft knife

Wooden popsicle stick

1.     Measure the width of the frame.  Make sure your frame is not wider than your duct tape or you will have to apply multiple pieces. Mine was 1 ¼” wide around.

2.     Cut and apply a strip of duct tape across the top of the frame.  Overlap the edges on both sides.  Turn the frame over and use the small pointed scissors to cut the corners at an angle.  (See photo)  Fold the excess around the sides towards the back of the frame.  Use the small scissors to make a cut into the interior corners in the center of the frame and fold those to the back as well.

3.     Turn back to the front of the frame.  Using the ruler to measure from the outer point to the center and cut along this line with an X-acto or craft knife.  (Miter) Repeat for the other corner.

4.     Attach a second piece of duct tape down the side like you did the first time but overlap on top of the previous piece.  Press on securely making sure you press the cut, mitered corner.  This will give you a slightly raised area that you will use for a guide to miter it to the first layer.  Follow this raised area with the X-acto knife and remove the excess tape. (See photo)  Turn to the back, cut the corner at an angle and fold in the extra tape.  Repeat these steps around till you have covered the entire front of the frame.

5.     Use a popsicle stick flat side down to smooth on all around the sides of the frame.  Add additional pieces of duct tape to the back just up to the edges and use the popsicle stick to push in the recessed areas.  You do not need to miter the back.  Cut pieces to fill in any areas not covered especially under the metal pieces that hold in your photo and use the popsicle stick to press on.


  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I have lots of tape and this is something I would like to do with it.

  2. This is a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing Crystal ;o)


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