Friday, December 18, 2015

Easy Acorn Christmas ornament

Looking for a cute ornament that you can make quick and easy to dress up the Christmas tree, then this easy acorn ornament is for you.

You only need a Styrofoam egg, some twine, glitter and glue so it couldn’t be more inexpensive!  And kid’s can do this too.  It would make a great gift for a teacher or anyone you want to just give a little something.  Handmade makes it special. 


·      Styrofoam egg
·      Jute twine
·      Pencil or bamboo skewer
·      Tacky craft glue
·      Glitter
·      Paper or foam plates
·      Small paintbrush
·      Optional: If you want to vary the color of the acorn you can substitute light colored yarn on the bottom portion if desired.


1.     Roll the pointed end on a table or other hard surface and pressing lightly to round it out slightly. 

2.     Cut a 6-inch piece of jute and tie the ends in a knot.  Use a pencil or bamboo skewer to make a hole in the top of the egg.  Fill the hole with some tacky glue and insert the knot end of the jute loop pushing it inside with the pencil or skewer.  Let dry.

3.     Starting at the top of the acorn begin adding glue to the top and wrapping jute around in a circular direction and downward.  Continue adding glue and jute until you have reached about 1/3 of the way down.  Now, work your way back up over the previously wrapped jute.  Do this one more time and cut off. 

4.     Add glue and wrap around jute as you did on the upper portion of the acorn except you will only be adding one layer. (You may substitute light colored yarn here if desired)  Let dry.

5.     Thin some glue with water on a paper plate and using a small paintbrush brush the entire bottom area with the thinned glue.  On another paper plate sprinkle an ample amount of glitter on the glue area.  Let dry. 

6.     Hang on the tree or anywhere you want a cute country style decoration.

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