Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This is the easiest way to make amazing glittery ornament hooks

glittery ornament hooks

Wouldn’t you love some glittery ornament hooks to hang your ornaments this year?

I have a simple tree with mini lights sitting in my foyer and I love to decorate it for every season.  This year I ran out of ornament hooks, sitting at my desk my eyes settled on some paper clips and a light bulb went off.  In minutes I had a bunch of glittery ornament hooks that sparkled and looked like icicles.

You can easily bend the paper clips in simple or even more intricate shapes so you can get as creative as you like.  And kids will love making the hooks and then hanging them on the tree. 


Paper clips
Silver or gold glitter
Thin tacky or school glue
Paper plates
Needle nosed pliers (optional)


1.     Bend paper clips as shown. (See photo) You can use needle nosed pliers for intricate shapes or simply shape them with the hands.

2.     Work with three separate paper plates. Add a generous amount of glue on one plate.  Apply an amount of glitter on the second plate. Finally use the third plate for letting the glittery ornament hooks dry.

3.     Now use the tweezers to drop the paper clips in the glue and quickly transfer them to the plate with the glitter, making sure you cover the entire clip with glitter.  Then use the tweezers to transfer the hooks to the third plate.  Let dry.

4.     When the glittery ornament hooks are dry, use them to hang the ornaments.  You can make a bunch in no time and for practically nothing.  You won’t ever run out of ornament hooks again!

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