Monday, March 6, 2017

How to make a quick and easy themed wreath

Easy themed wreath

In just a few minutes you can create this fun and easy themed wreath!

There are tons of 7/8” grosgrain ribbon prints.  And you can find one that fits you perfectly!  I created this wreath with an airplane print ribbon since my hubby is so into airplanes.  It would like equally awesome if you used one that has musical notes, ballerina slippers, or any one of hundreds of prints. 

The fabric I used reminded me of blue sky, which fit the theme for my wreath.  For whichever print ribbon you use simply match a scrap of fabric with the ribbon.

The flat Masonite type wreath form I used had the monogram attached, but you can substitute one without the monogram and just add your monogram to the center with some wire. This wreath is so quick to make you can easily create one in less than an hour!

Flat wreath form with monogram or flat wreath from and separate monogram

7/8” wide grosgrain printed ribbon

Scrap of coordinating fabric

Tacky craft glue


Paper plate for palette


Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


Acrylic paint to match the ribbon print

Disappearing marker or chalk pencil

Hand drill and wire (optional for adding the monogram letter if necessary)


1.     Place the monogram face down on the fabric.  Use a disappearing marker or chalk pencil to trace around.  Next, cut all around the marks you made making sure you are a little over the line. (The excess can be cut off later but better to have too much than too little)

2.     Thin some tacky glue with water and using the paintbrush apply to the monogram.  Add the fabric letter to the base working in small sections.  Let dry.  When try you can cut off any excess fabric. If you are working with a separate monogram letter, drill a hole in the center and attach to the wreath from with some wire.

3.     Now use the paintbrush with some matching acrylic paint to cover the back of the wreath from and the back of the letter.

4.     Next, apply the ribbon.  Cut six-inch lengths of the 7/8” ribbon.  Fold into a loop (like a awareness ribbon, see photo) and using the hot glue gun, add to the wreath form. Work in the same direction one on top of the other all around, adding dabs of hot glue as you go.

5.     When you reach the end add one last pointed ribbon to complete the circle.  Add some wire to the top for hanging.

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