Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Make your own fun designer shoes with napkins

The designer shoe tutorial, created with napkins was one of my most popular posts several years ago.  In case you missed it, I'm re-posting a new version.  By the way my shoes are still beautiful four years later and I can't wear them anywhere that I don't receive some compliments. 

So I'm sure you've seen all the designer shoes in the magazines.  They are embellished with colors and flowers and jewels.  Did you know with a just few supplies and some floral napkins, you can make your own individual, one of a kind designer shoes.  And you are the designer!  It's really quite easy to apply the cut out from a simple napkin with decoupage glue (available in every craft store) Finish with a final coat and you are ready for Easter or any event.

Don't stop with just napkins though.  Even though the flower shoes are so cute, you can even add jewels with some hot glue, for further embellishment.  So let's get started!  You may even want to try this technique with older shoes to up-cycle a favorite pair that needs a little oomph.

Pair of white shoes (I used white but other colors will work with equally wonderful results)

Napkins with flower prints (look for ones that you can cut the flowers out individually, party stores are a great source)

Mod Podge exterior decoupage glue

Small paintbrush

Small pointed scissors

1.     Separate all layers of the napkin leaving only one top layer.  

2.     Use the small pointed scissors to cut out individual flowers to apply to the shoes.  Cut more flowers out as you need them.

3.     When you have cut out quite a few flowers, use the small paintbrush to apply some Mod Podge to the shoe, immediately apply a cut out napkin flower.  Apply some more Mod Podge on top of the flower you just applied.  Continue applying glue, flower and glue in a pleasing arrangement until you have covered the entire shoe.  If there are any folds in the shoes use the paintbrush loaded with Mod Podge to tuck them in nicely.

4.     Repeat steps 1-3 for the other shoe.  Let dry overnight.

5.     Apply another coat of Mod Podge glue on top of both shoes and let dry at least 24 hours.


  1. So cute Crystal!!! These are adorable! Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I get complements whenever I wear them!


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