Monday, March 26, 2018

How to easily make a coffee lover happy this Easter

Updated March, 2018
Who doesn't love an Easter basket?  You can make a favorite coffee lover happy this Easter with this different take on an Easter basket. After you've picked up some coffee from the local convenience store rinse and dry the cup.  They are pretty sturdy so they can be reused, or you could just ask the clerk if you could have a new one.  Then get a corrugated sleeve you put on the cup so it won't burn your hand and you will have the makings of a great Easter basket for a coffee lover!

Follow the tutorial to decorate your basket, then add some Easter grass and small candies or mini bags of coffee or even some K-cups.  While should all the Easter fun be just for the kiddies?  


Paper corrugated coffee cup sleeve 

Paper coffee cup, rinsed and dried

Spring printed felt

Easter felt rabbit or egg shapes (available at any craft store)

Tacky craft glue




Two clothespins (for holding the sleeve while the glue dries)

1.     Before taking apart the sleeve make a line with a marker on the inside where the two ends meet.  (This will help with reassembly)  Note which side is on top.

2.     Carefully take apart the sleeve and lay it on top of a piece of spring print felt.  Use the pencil to trace around the sleeve on the unprinted side of the felt making sure that the printed side will fit correctly on the outside of the sleeve. Add a ¼” extra felt on the end that will be glued to the top of the sleeve.  

 Leave 1/4" extra on the end that will be on top

3.     Cut out the felt piece.  Add a generous amount of glue on the outside of the sleeve and attach the felt piece, leaving the extra ¼” unglued.  Let dry.

4.     Use some tacky glue to add the seasonal felt shapes to the felt making sure you do not place any on any fold lines.  Let dry.

5.     Use the inside guideline to reattach the sleeve with some tacky glue.  Glue down the ¼” extra felt to cover the seam.  Use two clothespins to hold the sleeve until it is completely dry.

6.     Put the decorated coffee sleeve on the recycled coffee cup and fill with Easter grass. Add some small coffee packs or K-cups on top and maybe even a few coffee flavored jellybeans or candies if desired. It's fun to make more than one.

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