Sunday, April 1, 2012

3-D Fun foam Easter chick—easy instructions

It’s time for an easy fun foam craft—holiday style!  This little chick stands up by itself with of 3 easy fit-together pieces.  And it’s just in time for Easter! Make one, two or a whole coop full of these little chicks in no time.  They look fantastic on your Easter table or in the baskets. And best of all the supplies are readily available and inexpensive!!  This is a great family project and the kids can help cut out the pieces with regular scissors and mom or dad can cut out the slits with cuticle scissors or craft knife.

You will need:

Three piece chick pattern

Tracing paper and graphite transfer paper

Fun foam sheet in desired colors

Tacky Craft glue

Two tiny wiggle eyes for each chick

Small cuticle, decoupage scissors, or craft knife to cut out the slits

1.     Print the pattern full size on 8 1/2” x 11” all purpose paper.  Trace the patterns pieces onto the fun foam. 

Click and Print full size

2.     Cut out each piece. 

3.     Using a pointed cuticle scissor or craft knife cut out the slits on the feet and the body.

4.     Carefully insert the wing in the slit you cut in the body.  Adjust to have the same amount of wing on each side.  Put the bottom notch on the body into the slit in the feet.  Adjust so the chick stands.  You may snip off a tiny bit of the notch if necessary.

5.     Add a dab of tacky craft glue on the head and attach a wiggle eye.  Do the same on the opposite side.


  1. Hi Crystal,

    Your Easter chicks are just the cutest!!!


  2. Crystal, these little chicks are just too darn cute and look easy enough even I should be able to make them. Hugs


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