Sunday, July 29, 2012

K-Cup Poinsettia Ornament

If you are looking for K-Cup crafts, then you’ve come to the right place.  I am a coffee-aholic and K-cups just seem to pile up.  Do I toss them in the trash?  Not on your life.  I use them to create all sorts of things.  It’s July already and in less than 6 months Christmas will be here, so it’s not too early to create some easy and pretty much free ornaments for your tree, using, yes K-Cups.

You will need:

One K-Cup, washed with filter removed



Small pointed scissors

Red spray paint for plastic

Scraps of yellow and red felt

Several yellow size E seed beads

Tacky Craft glue

Six inches gold cord

1/8” hole punch

1.     Remove the top lip of the K-cup with the scissors.

2.     Using the ruler, measure 3/4” increments making hash marks with the pencil around the top of the K-cup.

3.     Use the pencil marks as a guide and cut slits almost to the base of the K-Cup. You will have seven sections. Bend each section down with your fingers.

4.     Cut the edges at an angle and cut a curved shape near the base on both sides of each section.  See photo. 

5.     Work in a well-ventilated area or outside to spray paint both sides of the prepared K-cup with red spray paint.  Let dry completely.

6.     Cut a circle of yellow felt to fit on the interior of the poinsettia and attach with some tacky glue.  Dot some more glue in the center and add some yellow seed beads.  Let dry.

7.     Cut another circle of felt from the red piece and glue to the back of the poinsettia and let dry.  Punch a hole in the top of one of the petals and loop a length of gold cord for hanging. 


  1. You know what Crystal, I think the people who make K-Cup's should give you some money! You do a lot of advertising for them! And, they should be proud of how you recycle them into such cool things!

  2. How cute! K-cups are turning up in crafts everywhere these days. Such a versatile "supply".
    Thanks so much for sharing at the Pinworthy Projects Party!


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