Friday, January 31, 2014

Kid’s Valentine card free printable with envelopes

The kids are bored.  It's cold outside and they want something to do.  Why not craft with them?  Download this free printable, print out on some card stock and then let them make easy envelopes for presenting them. The printable features four cards per sheet.  Simply cut out and add a greeting on the back. Use some all purpose paper to whip out easy envelopes with the tutorial that follows.  The kid's are busy measuring, cutting and gluing and they won't be bored anymore!

You will need:

Computer and printer

White cardstock paper

Downloaded free printable

All purpose computer paper (white or any color you choose)

Glue stick




1.     Click on the link to download the free printable.  Print on cardstock paper with your home printer.  Cut apart each Valentine.  There are four to a sheet.

2.     To make a presentation envelope for each card, measure a piece of paper (You can use any color you like) to a 9” x 5” rectangle.  Cut out.

3.     Fold up the paper to a ½” from the top.  Fold down the top ½” which is the closure flap.

4.     Open the paper and use a glue stick to apply glue to each side just up to the line where you folded the flap.  Press to close and insert your Valentine card. 

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