Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas personalized memory book ornament

Every Christmas is different in it’s own unique way.  So why shouldn’t your ornaments be as special as each family member?  These little books have pages where you can write a date, a thought, a memorable gift or blessing and hang it on the tree.  Then every year you can add to it. The mini books have ten little pages but you can add more if you’d like.  Personalize them by embellishing them with each family member’s initial and a bit of flair.  They are sure to be a fun tradition for years to come.  This is a great kid's Craft too!!

You will need:

·      Lightweight cardboard or poster board

·      Felt in desired color (Felt even comes in sparkle)

·      All purpose computer paper

·      Ruler

·      Scissors

·      Stapler and staples

·      Tacky craft glue

·      Gold or silver cord

·      Felt or fun foam letters

·      Felt or fun foam small Christmas motifs (Snowflakes etc.)

1.     Gather your materials

2.     Cut a piece of lightweight cardboard or poster board 2 ½” x 4 ½”.  Cut five pieces of all-purpose computer paper 2 ¼” x 4”.

3.     Fold the cardboard in half width wise.  Stack the paper on top of the cardboard.  Center so that the border is even all around.  Fold the paper and cardboard in half again.  Use the fold line to place two staples right down the center.

4.     Turn the book to the back.  Cut a piece of gold or silver wire 8 ½” long, fold in half and glue to the back cover leaving a loop at the top for hanging.

5.     Cut a piece of felt 2 ¾” x 4 ¾”.  Spread some tacky glue on the entire back cover and attach the felt making sure it is even all around.  Let dry. 

6.     Use tacky glue to attach a letter to personalize and add some extra motifs if desired.

7.     Write the date on the first page and add to the book as desired.

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