Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Recycled gift card bookmark - Mustache man...or is it a bald eagle?

Or am I a bald eagle?

I read a lot of books.  As a result whenever someone decides to give me a gift they usually opt for gift cards so I can choose my books.  I load them on my computer, iPad or kindle app and then they are done.  Throw them away? I just can't bring myself to add something to the trash that will remain there long after I am dust!  So what to do?  There are lots of things one can do with used gift cards.  Since they were originally for books I figured why not make a clip type bookmark. And that, dear readers, is how the Mustache man bookmark came to life...or is it a bald eagle?  You decide with this fun optical illusion style clip. You can make one too.

Click on the link to download and print the pattern, then follow the easy steps to create your own Mustache man!

Mustache man pattern

You will need:

·      Glue gun and glue sticks

·      Used gift card or junk mail card (The kind they send with “your name here”)

·      Mustache man pattern

·      Small pointed scissors

·      Tracing paper

·      Pencil

·      White pencil to mark on dark felt

·      Sharpie marker

·      Ruler

·      Stiffened felt in dark brown/black and pink

1.     Make sure you clean off all of the glue from the back of the gift card.  If you can’t remove it easily, spread a bit of peanut butter (Yes I said peanut butter) on the sticky part, wipe it off and wash it.  The glue magically disappears!!

2.      Download the mustache man patterns and print.  Trace the mustache pattern onto the brown or black felt and cut out.  Trace the head and nose patterns onto the pink felt and cut out. 

3.     Follow the guide to mark the cutting lines on light colored back of your gift card with a sharpie marker.  Use the pointed scissors to start an opening and carefully cut all around using the guidelines. 

4.     Use the glue gun and glue sticks to layer the head on top of the mustache piece.  Fold the nosepiece in half and glue the two sides to the headpiece. 

5.     Cut a 1” x ¼” strip and angle the ends.  Glue under the mustache. (Lips)

6.     Glue on two google eyes. 

7.     Attach the entire head and mustache to the top of your gift card clip with hot glue and let it set.  Use the clip to attach papers up to 10 pages of papers or as a fun bookmark!


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