Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to make a unique holiday gift for your favorite hairdresser

Do you need to make a unique little holiday gift for your favorite hairdresser?  You can give a gift card or an extra large tip but if you want to give that unique holiday gift that will be treasured then, paint one! 

It’s easy with these step-by-step instructions.  Simply purchase a wide backed hairbrush.  I got one for a song at a department store.  This little snowman will be perfect for the holidays and even throughout the winter. Tie a festive bow on the handle and you will have a perfect and unique holiday gift for your hairdresser!


Wide backed hairbrush
Acrylic paint, white, black, Payne’s gray, red, orange, burnt umber, ultramarine blue
Small paintbrush
Ribbon Bow
Paper or foam plate to use as a palette


1.     Gather all your supplies. Then, Wipe down the back of your hairbrush to remove any oils. 

2.     Next, working on the back of the brush, load your brush with white paint.  Make a small circle close to the top of the hairbrush.

3.     Now make two circles, each larger than the previous one on top of each other.  (Snowman is shape made)

4.     While the white paint is still semi-wet add some blue to the left sides curving around each white circle.  Blend together so there is no line of demarcation.

5.     Add some extra white paint where it needs it.

6.     Now, draw a hat shape with the Payne’s gray.  Add a little white paint on the right side and top and blend together. Let dry.

7.     Finally, paint a red scarf around the snowman’s neck.  Add two black dots for eyes, and several for the mouth.  Paint an orange triangle shape for the nose and underline with the burnt umber for shadows.

8.     Finish the snowman.  Use black paint and burnt umber to paint two arms.  It doesn’t matter what direction it faces or how many twigs you add. Add some little dabs of white paint on the twig arms, and top of the hat.  Then, add some snow with white paint under the snowman.  Use the blue paint to add some shadows.  For a final touch add some dots for snow. (Optional)

9.     Tie a bow on the handle and give to your favorite hairdresser!


  1. Brilliant Crystal! I love this!! Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your loved ones so much and more!!!

  2. Crystal, I know I already wished you a Merry Christmas in your other post, but you can't have too many good wishes, right? LOL! Big Hugs!


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