Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to make adorable little origami red elephants for earrings

origami red elephants

Elephants are considered good luck in many countries, especially with the trunk raised.  Just, grab some origami paper and you can fold these origami red elephants and make the cutest pair of earrings.  Or you could just stand them up as a mini decoration.  Use the photos as a guide and you will find although tiny, they are not that hard to fold.

Adorable mini origami red elephants


Origami paper, red
Nail file

Optional for earrings: 

Needle and head pin 
Needle nosed pliers 
Fishhook ear wires
Wire cutters


First, cut a piece of red origami paper 1 ½” x 3 ½” for each origami elephant.

origami red elephants

Next, fold the paper in half lengthwise.  Turn, and fold the two top edges to a point (like you are making a paper airplane) Fold a second time to make a longer point. 

Turn and fold so that the folded point touches the other side.  Turn over so that the point is on the underside.  Now, fold the folded edge over so it meets the crease, but as you make this fold flip the point back to the front.

Then, fold the left edge under so it meets the center crease. Then fold the bottom folded edge of the point to the edge of the paper.  Then fold the point over to the left, and fold back again to make a kind of fanfold. (Front of the elephant) For the back, fold the flat folded edge over so it meets the center crease and then flip the edge back to the front.  (See photo)

Turn over the paper.  This is the only tricky part so use the photos as a guide.  You will see a kind of rectangle shape.  Just fold the top layer fold the corners inward.  Turn and do the same to the opposite side. Now, it is easier to take this in your hand to do this part, push the folded corners down and press open.  Do the same thing to the opposite side and then flatten them all down.  Use your fingernail or a nail file to make the creases. 

Fold in half. Fold the back legs in so they match the front.  To make the ears, squeeze and fold at an angle making the creases for the ears on each side of the head. The trunk will point down. 

origami red elephants

origami red elephants

origami red elephants

Finally fold the trunk, up, and then back to make the trunk raise.  The red origami elephant is finished.

origami red elephants

origami red elephants

To make these into earrings, using a pint push through the underside to make a hole and insert a headpin.  Cut the headpin down if necessary. Then, use the needle-nosed pliers to twist into a loop adding the fishhook ear wires. Close loops.

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