Wednesday, February 15, 2012

K- Cup Cactus Flower pincushion tutorial

K-cup crafts are something that everyone seems to be looking for these days so I put on my thinking cap (yes I have one) and pretty soon I was making cute little cactus Flower pincushions, and you can too!  Better yet you can make them for pennies…yes you will need four pennies in addition to some simple supplies you may have on hand.  Read on…

You will need:

Empty K-cup with filter removed and cleaned

Tacky Craft glue

Scraps of brown and yellow felt

Polyfil fiber stuffing

Terra cotta primer spray paint (or you may use acrylic paint in terra cotta)

Four pennies

Needle and thread

Compass, pencil, scissors, ruler

1.     Spray paint the K-cup with the terra cotta primer.  Make sure you spray in a well-ventilated area and let dry.

2.     Place the K-cup on a piece of felt and trace around the bottom.  Cut out.  Add some tacky glue on the bottom of the K-cup and attach the felt circle.


3.     Squirt a bit of tacky glue in the inside of the K-cup and drop in the four pennies. See, I told you it would only cost you pennies! (This will weigh down the pincushion)

4.     Measure and cut out six 1-inch by 1-inch squares from the yellow felt.  Put a drop of glue on the corner of one square and pinch together. (Petal made)  Add some glue to the inside edge of the K-Cup and attach the pinched edge leaving the other edge hanging over. (See photo) Put some more glue on the rim and press the petal down.  Repeat for the five other felt squares.  There will be six petals.

5.     Using the compass cut a 3-inch diameter circle from the brown felt.  Thread a needle with some heavy thread (embroidery floss works great) and gather around the circle.  Add a bit of polyfil fiber stuffing to the center and pull the thread tight.  Secure with a knot.

6.     Spread some glue on the interior sides and bottom of the K-cup. Squeeze the polyfil stuffed circle with your hand to compress and push it down inside the K-cup.  Let the glue dry.

I told you it was easy…it the coming weeks watch for more K-cup crafts.  I appreciate all comments and feedback.